RPi4 moving from 32bits to 64bits and sdcard to ssd

  • Hi,

    I mainly use OMV for local shared folders and also for a instance of Nextcloud(backup of photos from family members). Recently nextcloud anounce that the installation should run on a 64bits OS. Since I Installed OMV for the first time, ~2years ago, the RPi4 add support for 64bits and also for run the OS from the SSD.

    Right now I have a RPi4 with the OS on the sdcard, an HDD for data/backups and an SSD for docker + nextcloud DATA.

    After the last update of NC my instance of nextcloud became slow.

    I have already read about how to move omv.

    My doubts are:

    - Install a 64bit OS on the sdcard and use the SSD for docker + nextcloud DATA(the same setup as current)?

    - Install the OS on the ssd, doesn't need to point the docker to another disk and also use this SSD for nextcloud DATA?

    I didn't have any problems with OMV during these 2 years but from time to time I duplicate the sdcard in case I need to restore it. If I move to the SSD I think I'll lost the easier process of recover.

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