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    Many of us use docker or similar virtualization solutions to extend omv's capabilities. And as a rule, it always looks like an ip address and port. which in itself is not very convenient. To improve convenience, you need a dns server that allows you to set names. but I didn’t find a regular solution for omv (I saw the dnsmasq plugin in old versions of omv, I’m not sure if this applies to new versions). You can raise the DNS server in a docker container or something similar, but when the container is stopped, the network becomes inoperative. to increase stability, many implement dns on a separate minipc such as rasberypi . but not everyone has such devices.

    How about a solution that suits everyone.

    1. Add to the standard omv setting the ability to activate the omv function of the dns name server with a simple redirect setting. for services running on the server with omv.

    2. add an item that allows you to redirect requests to an external ip where another dns server is installed (for those who have one)

    you can independently configure, for example, a bind or dnsmasq from the command line, as under the hood of debian. But first of all, not everyone has such knowledge. and secondly, there are fears of a conflict with the settings of omv itself.

    Unfortunately I am not a programmer. but I think the implementation of the dns settings through the omv panel will be very popular.

    for its part, I am ready to become a participant in testing and sending reports if someone undertakes to implement such a function. I have a working omv 6 system and also installed omv in a virtual machine to test my actions before including it in the main system.

    I repeat, we are talking only about local network names. as a rule, these are docker containers with web applications, or the same wetty, portainer installed as a plugin.

    I'm sorry if the google translation was not accurate.

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    How about a solution that suits everyone.

    Statically assigned DHCP leases can be used to create a local DNS entry for a device, at the LAN's DHCP server (which is typically on the LAN's router). The device can be statically addressed, using the same IP address, or simply let the DHCP server assign the address on boot up.

    This works fine for local name resolution.

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