Is there a real working repository for OMV4.1.22 in 2022/23?

  • I want to stay on OMV4.x, since OMV6.x is demanding for my hardware.
    How to set up a really working repository (if one exists) for older OS versions in 2023?

  • I have installed OMV 6 on older hardware without an issue. The oldest I have put it on is about 15 years old (an intel core quad from the mid 2000's. The underlying Debian OS is not very demanding in a basic config like OMV uses.

    How old is your hardware and what are you trying to do with it?

  • I have MB D510MO on Atom, 2GB RAM DDR2 800 - the RAM load is more than 50%, the CPU is up to 95% when OMV6.x is running.

    In addition, I really like to use the android app OMV remote, which is not for Shaitan.

    Sometimes the computer turns off spontaneously, which was not the case when using OMV4.x

    I see the reason in the upgrade to the latest version of the OS, but there are doubts.

    In addition, the old version is faster, as it seems to me, to process data.

  • You may be able to get OMV 4 installed, but you will not get any further OS or OMV updates (both are end of support), and the OMV extras, if you can even get an installer, will likely not work correctly as I believe the repos were moved with OMV5 and may not even exist anymore for OMV 4, so the additional features likely will not install.

    OMV 4 was built on Debian 9 Stretch, which has a posted minimum hardware requirement of: 512 MB RAM, 10 GB HDD, 1GHz Pentium 4 processor, while OMV 6 is based on Debian 11 Bullseye, which has a posted minimum spec of: 2GB RAM, 10 GB HDD, 1GHz Pentium 4 processor

    The main difference is the RAM spec.

    I'd suspect your 2GB of RAM is the issue. There is probably little left over after the OS, OMV and plugins load, so you are probably doing a lot of HDD swapping, which is slowing down drives access and chewing up your CPU. The spec on your motherboard says it will take up to 4GB of RAM, which would help a lot, so I'd suggest that you try to find some DDR2 RAM for your board to max it out and move to OMV 6 if you are on a tight budget, or look at some newer hardware if you are not working on a tight budget.

    Just for a point of reference, your board was launched at the beginning of 2010, and the Atom processors, depending ont the actual model, were either a single core or a dual core running in the 800MHz to 1.83GHz range so you are running on 13 year old hardware with an under powered CPU for sure based on today's standards (perhaps even just boarderline for Debian9/OMV4). The Core Quad system I mentioned above (one I put together for a 77 year old long time client using a system I originally built for him back in 2007) is older, but it has 8GB of RAM and the CPU is a quad core running at 2.4GHz, so it is still well above the minimum spec.

  • Thank you for the tip!
    Of course, I understand perfectly well that the hardware needs to be updated. At least increase the RAM to 4GB.
    OMV 4.1.22 is not updated at all, it is impossible to install even mc - trying today.
    I just hoped that the OMV4.x support repositories still exist :)

    • Official Post

    The repos do exist. I never updated the omv-extras 4.x package to use github instead of bintray. There is a thread where I explain how to fix this but you will have to find it.

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  • Many thanks to everyone who responded to this thread.

    It looks like there will be a lot of work setting up the old version than fresh installing the new OMB6.x.

    I took advice from BernH. And added some DDR to the computer.

    Interestingly, the computer felt better. :)

    As for the android app - alas ... We can only hope for the best :))

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