Rsync and syncthing data

  • Good morning,

    Here is how my server is made. I would like to know if it is possible to make a backup of my disk that contains a syncthing docker? Also, if you have a link for a tutorial, I’m interested. Thank you.

  • Hi there,

    I have more or less the same kind of setup.

    I use the Rsync module with scheduled tasks.

    - on iMac account I created a SSH key

    - on OMV I registered the SSH key for each account so OMV can access them

    - I have one 'PULL' scheduled task for each account

    - I activated daily backup at 01:00 AM and email notifications to be sure the backup is performed

    The main advantage is that the machine+account you backup only has to provide SSH access.

    And that's all, not backup task to setup on the target, everthing is centralized on OMV.

    If your docker container is properly configured for SSH, you should be able to use the rsync 'PULL'

    How to setup password-less SSH access:

    Rsync 'PULL' mode:

    OMV 6.x | Intel Celeron J3455 | 16Go RAM | USB2 32Go | HDD 3x4TO

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