mass errors in syslog (clean install upgraded to .6)

  • I can live without the graphs on the system drive. However, it is sad that they do not fix this issue in coreutils. I e-mailed the package maintainer about this flaw like 6 months ago.

  • Either we fix it or we will have hundreds of users asking about the error... so my vote goes to fixing the damn bug rather than letting it stay and tell dozends of people that it is not our fault.


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  • can i temporarily turn off the graphs or something to stop this error from constantly logging? i mean even when i move the logs to HDD it will constantly have the drive spun up even when no user is actually doing anything.

    script on chrunchbang forums just reduced the number of errors i think. they still get logged every 10 secs.

    or could i send this "error" to be logged at /dev/null somehow?

  • a bump and an updtae. this happens on normla openmediavult install as well as if install is made on debian.

    how to remove or disable the app doing the logging without breaking the omv?

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