[HOW-TO] Connect to OMV SMB shares with Windows 11

  • 1. We need to create a user. In OMV goto Users >> Users >> Plus symbol and than click create.


    Add a user and password (as an example I will use User BlueCoffeeand password 12345) than hit save and apply the settings at the top

    2. Now we need to make a shared folder in OMV so go to Storage >> Shared Folders and click the plus symbol again


    I am going to name the folder Media in this example. So add that to the name as for the file system this guide assumed you have that set up already ifs not look here. Pick the drive you want the share to be on. I am going to pick dev/sdd1 in this example than hit save and apply the settings at the top


    3. Next we need to enable SMB so that windows can see the folder we have just made. Go to Services >>SMB/CIFS >> Settings than click Enabled and save it. Now to go Services >>SMB/CIFS >> Shares and click the plus symbol. Now in the drop down box for the shared folder setting select the folder me made on step 2.

    SMB share.png

    Than click save and apply the settings at the top again.

    4. Now we need to give the user we created permissions to use this folder. go back to User >> Users than click and highlight the user we made. In my example it will be user BlueCoffee. When the user is highlighted click the Shared folder missions button and give the user premission to read & write to the folder like so

    read and write.png

    hit save and apply the settings at the top

    5. That is it now for the OMV side now onto Windows 11

    (in this example I am going to mount the shared folder from OMV as a drive on the Windows 11 PC)

    Open up This PC on windows 11 and click the 3 dots side by side


    Than click Map a network drive

    drive windows.png

    Select a drive letter you want from the list and as for the folder we need to put the IP of OMV (the page you login to) For an example my OMV IP is Add that followed by the folder name you made in step 2. I used Mediaas the folders name.

    So we would add \\\Media into the folder option (IP than the shared folders name)

    folder name path.png

    Click Finish and you should get a popup asking for the login credentials.

    loginbox windows.png

    Enter the username and password we made at the start. BlueCoffeeand 12345in my example. Tick the box to remember my credentials and boom you are all done. You now have a drive on Windows 11 which is shared from OMV with read and write permissions.


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