remote mount is read only to a docker app

  • I have a trueNAS CIFS share I want to mount to docker containers but they are seen as read only from within docker.

    -confirmed the TrueNAS Scale ID is correctly permissioned by mapping a drive to this share from Windows and confirming it is read/write

    -confirmed it is mapped to OMV by checking for the checkmark next to mount, and by SSH to my OMV host and browsing /srv/remotemount/tnasdata and I can see all the file structure, create and delete a folder. (tried iocharset=utf8,vers=3.0,nofail,file_mode=0777,dirmode=0777) to see if it would help but it didn't.

    -confirmed I created a shared folder for my tnasdata but I do not see a shared checkmark next to "shared" on my OMV remote mount folder, should I?

    confirmed the uid=1001 and gid=100 of my OMV "apps" account by SSH to omv host as root and using id apps command. and confirmed my docker compose file specified those in environment.

    when I open up my app (radarr, and try to add the root I get

    Unable to add root folder

    • Folder '/data/media/moviesk/' is not writable by user 'abc'
  • I gave w/r permissions to the apps ID to all the remaining shared folders (tnasdata already had R/W) and it started working. Not sure why it made a difference as the media share I was trying to import from was tnasdata. maybe the apps ID just needs r/w to the docker compose / docker config folders?

  • Based on my experience, I concluded that to make a TrueNAS CIFS share read/write from within Docker, I usually have to make sure the share permissions allow read/write access, the container runs with the correct user and group privileges, and the share is mounted to a directory within the container with the correct permissions.

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