Funky Permissions Issues in OMV6/MacOS

  • I've installed OMV on a WD My Cloud Home. I'm using SMB on MacOS. It works incredibly well for what I need (Plex and some backups), but I've been looking to add some extras; wireguard to access the backups remotely, portainer and a qbit torrent client.

    The shared folders have began to act really oddly, and throws access off either to main data folder or some individual folders, sometimes it's one of them, others it's a few. Occasionally I can't add a folder from Finder. It's bizarre.

    I have to use the resetperms plugin to regain access, but it doesn't always work. I sometimes have to reboot, resetperms and redo the ACL's (even though they are set correctly).

    I found a thread here with a similar problem and I tried adding

    fruit:nfs_aces = no

    in extra options in SMB config, but this seems to have done nothing and the problem persists.

    I also get an error when trying to install portainer.

    I imagine they are related? I'm new to all this so I'm a little stuck.

    It's worth noting it still functions perfectly with Plex and my user home folder, it's just this one data folder.

    Any help is appreciated!

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