OMV has WAN access, but no local network access

  • So this is a bit of an odd situation. Last night while installing and configuring a couple of docker containers, I just suddenly lost network access to my OMV server. I wasn't able to get access again until I actually plug in a monitor this morning. Everything on the server cli appears to be fine except for a complete lack of local network access. I'm able to get out to the web, even pull stuff from github, but I can't even get a ping response from my router. Same deal when trying to ping the OMV server from my laptop. The server is shown as having the correct IP address in the router interface which matches the IP address shown on the server cli.

    Any help at all on this would be appreciated. This is one of the few times in life when I genuinely don't know what I did wrong

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    Last night while installing and configuring a couple of docker containers, I just suddenly lost network access to my OMV server.

    What are these containers? Can you post the yaml files?

  • The containers were Prowlarr and Readarr, so nothing that should have affected networking. I just used the default docker compose from their respective install docs, and they had been working for about an hour when this issue happened I already have had Sonarr and Radarr installed for years with the same config options and no issues

  • Ok, so I fixed the problem, and it seems to be probably very specific to my configuration, but I'll put the solution here since it was tricky to figure out.

    The issue was related to the containers I was messing with last night but not in an obvious way. TL;DR an old docker that I had installed long ago and then turned off after an hour was restarted last night, and was misconfigured in a way that blocked my server to any IP addresses not on the same VLAN.

    For background, I have 4 VLANs and 2 separate WANs on my network with robust firewall traffic shaping rules to so that IOT and Guest devices can't see other parts of my network except for specific OMV ports (plex, HA, etc). OMV is on a VLAN that is primarily routed through WAN2 (because that one has not data caps, but is not always stable). After much troubleshooting, I was able to determine that OMV was always accessible within its VLAN, it just couldn't get to anywhere else on my network (I haven't changed any network config for months). I also found that the one suspect container had acquired an IP address in the 192.168.0.x range and seemed to be overriding any attempts by OMV to contact the primary DHCP server on my router at Disabling the container fixed the issue, but now when I try to duplicate the issue, that container gets an IP address in the 172.x.x.x just like all the other containers.

    Here is the compose file:

    version: "3.3"
        container_name: homepage
          - 42021:3000
          - /home/docker/configs/homepage:/app/config # Make sure your local config directory exists
          - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock # (optional) For docker integrations

    Again, no idea how it managed to get that 192.168.0.x ip address, or why that suddenly broke OMV's ability to access any of my other VLANs, but turning it off seemed to have fixed things

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