OpenMediaVault keeps a full Debian system or is truncated?

  • Hi!
    I'm currently using Freenas and the system is very truncated preventing me from compiling having manual etc, etc... And there's no easy way to restore the system to it's full potential.
    For my next NAS I'm interested in openmediavault mainly because of that, and I'd like to know if the system is truncated or not. If it is, is there an easy way to restore it? So that I can compile rtorrent, use PERL scripts and have crontab run some small scripts or even run an email server? Use aptitude or apt-get.
    All your informations will be appreciated ;)

  • It is a standard Debian minimal install for the most part. You can install any package that Debian has.

    You can compile rtorrent but you will have to install the build-essential package (and possibly others). Maybe you could use the transmissionbt plugin??

    Perl is installed

    There is a crontab interface in the web interface to run cron jobs from.

    postfix is installed but I recommend running an email server in a VM (use virtualbox plugin) because it will probably need settings that may not work with OMV.

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  • It isn't restricted a tiny bit.


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