NAS not starting within first power on process

  • Hi everybody,

    I do have my OMV NAS running for a few years now, first with an external PSU but I switched to a 400W bequiet PSU now, as I thought my issue is PSU related.

    When there is a power outage or when you switch off the PSU directly and the power is back, the NAS needs to "power ons" to actually start.

    When first pressing the power button, the disks start to spin and the fans start to spin, but after a few seconds it just shuts down again. Another press on the power button starts up the NAS properly.

    This behavior is not there when the system gets shut down via command line.

    The system is an Intel Celeron J4105 with 8 Gig RAM and 2x 2TB Seagate Ironwolf.

    I thought it has to do with the PSU not being able to provide enough power for the disks to spin up, but even with the 400W PSU this is still happening.

    I was checking the syslog, but it seems that this first boot try is not logged at all. I do not see any entries showing something failing, or even 2 boot tries. The kernel messages only show 1 boot process.

    Is there any way to troubleshoot this, without having to connect a screen to the system?

    Thanks in advance.



  • I had the same behavior on several Asrock m-ITX boards with J4105, J4125 and J5040 after the boards were de-energized. There is nothing in the syslog because Linux is not even started. My mini PC that I use now (Fujitsu Esprimo Q556/2) does not have this behavior. I never found out why that was the case with the Asrock boards.

  • Is there any way to troubleshoot this, without having to connect a screen to the system?

    You need to check the BIOS, so NO.

    You will need a monitor and a keyboard and dig down inside the BIOS if there's a setting like, for eg.

    Power ON after power failure or something of that kind.

  • Thanks for the replies.

    Already thought so that I cannot troubleshoot without a monitor.

    Also my board is an Asrock so it might really be motherboard related then.

    I'll check the BIOS and update you guys. Problably on the weekend.

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