Proxmox - OMV as VM and Jellyfin as LXC - How to access USB hard drive

  • Greetings to all from France!

    Thank you for welcoming me in my homelab endeavors.

    I have been trying hard to read guides, existing threads but I rate myself 2/10 on IT knowledge scale. Thus I hope to benefit from your understanding and patience.

    1) Objective : I want to create a media center (Jellyfin) which can access media (movies etc.) on an external USB HDD.

    2) Problem : I am not able to get Jellyfin to detect the media folders on said USB HDD.

    3) Configuration :

    • Mini PC with Proxmox, and a 4To WD USD external hard drive connected.
    • Jellyfin as LXC (using the "ttech" script)
    • Open Media Vault as VM

    4) Steps i did so far under OMV :

    • "Storage->Drives" : external HDD is recognized as "/dev/sdb"
    • "Storage->Shared folders" : desired folders have been shared and referenced, have both absolute and relative paths
    • "Services->NFS" : activated, the folders have been shared, client IP is ""
    • "Services->SMB" : activated, the folders have been shared
    • "Users" : created a user profile

    5) What I get :

    • Under Windows explorer, I can see the "openmediavault" computer. Using my user profile credentials created above, I can access the folders I wish to share
    • Under Jellyfin container in Proxmox, I struggle to do the same and add the folders to the media library

    If my understanding is correct, we cannot ask Jellyfin to directly add a network storage resource, this resource has to be mounted on the Proxmox.

    I tried to gather information but I admit I am easily overwhelmed due to my poor knowledge.

    Could you kindly explain me which steps I missed ?

    Many thanks in advance for your help and patience,


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    Welcome to the forum. I like and use proxmox but it is a very advanced way to do things. It can be amazing and complicated. Depends what your ultimate goal is. You might be better off using OMV as your main system and running containers from there. It might be easier to get answers on this forum that way. It should work either way. I would bet somebody is doing similar to what you are trying and will follow.

    USB drives can be very tricky to deal with.

    Good luck

    If you make it idiot proof, somebody will build a better idiot.

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