Another HP G7 N54L

  • As the G7N54L could be found around 150€ on Amazon during the last months, I bought it instead of building my own system.

    HP MicroLiant G7 N54L - 149,90€ Amazon
    4 x 4To WD RED SoftWare MDADM RAID 5 (OMV) - 549,30€
    RAM 2Go DDR3 ECC - Embedded with the server
    HP ILo CARD - 40€ on eBay
    Plextor PX-AG128M6e (128Gb M2 SSD + PCIe 4x to M2) for system - 99.50€

    - 11.3Tb Available
    - Around 100Mb/s R/W using CIFS/SMB Share from Mac or PC.
    - Used for TimeMachine via openmediavault-netatalk plugin.
    - Data is synched up to Hubic using Putty and the Hubic script.
    - Remote Data access using OwnCloud Plugin and WebDav.
    - Remote Data access from smartphone/tablet using OwnCloud APP.
    - OMV system is backed up to 128Gb USB 2.0 key on the internal USB 2.0 Port Once a month using openmediavault-backup plugin.
    - ClamAV Scan every 24H

    HP N54 MicroLiant - 4x4To WD RED RAID 5 - OMV 0.5.53

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