OMV speciify group for permission

  • Hi, I tried a fast search of all omv specific group for permission but I don't find information about, I found only openmediavault-admin here:

    Can someone tell me if there are other groups affecting omv and where is a list with description please?

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    The command you'd want to use is:

    less /etc/group

    The named OMV specfic groups are:






    The function is explained in the name.

  • Thanks for the reply, would be good to add in documentation what exactly do instead test them to see what add, the "explain" in the name is not enough.

    For example user without them have access to webgui even without openmediavault-webgui but can only change password (and minor thing not needed.

    -config is supposing give some config access, -engined I don't know and at least -admin is mentioned.

    Now I'll test them to see what do exactly


    done some fast test:

    openmediavault-webgui - don't seem to add something, or I don't saw it

    openmediavault-notify - don't seem to add something, or I don't saw it

    openmediavault-engined - don't seem to add something, or I don't saw it

    openmediavault-config - don't seem to add something, or I don't saw it

    openmediavault-admin - seems like default admin account

    (for any group test I applied the change and also did the logout and login for the test user)

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    Those groups (and the admin user) are system groups for making administrative changes in OMV, through the GUI, without the need for root user access. For NAS operations and normal user access, there's no need to edit these groups or to add non-system users to them. To avoid breaking OMV, they should be left alone. If you're experimenting with these groups, on a active server, backing up the OS is highly recommended.

  • I did fast tests only about OMV webgui, for view what add these group not documented, I saw that only openmediavault-admin changed something, more exactly viewing all like admin users, with other groups I didn't see difference (with any others group nothing "new" appear in console and user can only change his password, like without any of these group).

    Sorry for my bad english or if I not explain good.

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