Can't access Drives 500 error

  • Whenever I click Drives I get a blank page and this error:

    Details from lsub and smartctl are:

    Bus 001 Device 003: ID 1005:b155 Apacer Technology, Inc. Disk Module

    It's a QNAP ts-1253u that I have basically turned into baremetal Debian with OMV and CasaOS testing.... even without Casa it was doing the same error. CasaOS does detect my drives and omits the usb piece of crap.

    Please oh sage guru's help me :)

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    Check this thread.

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  • Omg, it finally took, I think because the rabbit hole I went down I created the .h file on my own and only had my usb device without the other important info ....Thank you gurus!!!!

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