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  • GreyHole Plugin Guide / Drive Pooling in OMV


    The addition of Greyhole brings drive pooling to OMV. It is a significant step in helping the home user with varied size drives to protect their data. You add your hard drives to a pool. Any data that you want to protect you should create a shared folder and then share it with SMB/CIFS. Once you have a couple of shares setup you are ready begin experimenting with Greyhole, you can add more later. After you setup a pool you can add your Samba shares to the Greyhole configuration. When you add the share you can specify how many copies you would like to have of a given file. If you say 1 there will be no backup of the file and this should be used for files in a share that you do not need a backp. If you say 2 there will be a backup made of the original file and it will be placed on a different hard drive, in the pool, than the original. When a drive is added to the pool there is a /.greyhole folder added to the drive. Say you have a media folder on the drive. The folder structure would be copied to /.greyhole/media. All the folders and files will be copied to this location. The original folder structure will remain at the original location /media but the original files once copied to the /.greyhole/media location will be replaced with symlinks linked to the /.greyhole/media location. If you connect to the samba share via a window, or apple, machine the files will appear normal. If you erase a file via a windows machine it will erase the symlink and then the copied original will be erased by Greyhole. If you choose 2 copies to be retained of a share this same file structure ./greyhole/media and all recursive items would also be copied to another disk in the pool. This may seem daunting at first but once you get your footing you will be grateful for this plugin.

    IMPORTANT: Before beginning this GUIDE it is assumed you have plugin installed and enabled the repo on the Primary TAB and the Greyhole repo on the Secondary TAB of the OMV-Extras plugin.

    Requirements Plugin
    mySQL Plugin


    • Make sure you installed and configured the mysql plugin. If you have not done this yet - click here!
    • Now go back into the web-gui of OMV at System/ On the right you should see a repository for Greyhole. If you do not see that make sure you upgrade to latest version of OMV-Extras. Put a check in the Greyhole and click on Save, and apply.
    • Now go into the plugin section and install the Openmediavault-Greyhole plugin. If you see any errors in the installation follow instructions in STEP 3. For everyone that succeeded in installing the plugin with NO ERRORS please SKIP TO STEP 4.
    • For people that had ERRORS ONLY: If you had errors on the install of the plugin go into command line. Do the following commands:
    • Code
      apt-get --purge remove openmediavault-greyhole
      apt-get install cifs-utils
      apt-get install greyhole
      apt-get install smbclient

    • Then go back into the web-gui and try to install the plugin again. It should succeed this time.
    • Logout and log back into the web-gui of OMV and go to services/greyhole. Then on the right screen leave the defaults and scroll down to the bottom where it says "MySQL Root Password". Put in the root password you created earlier in SQL Buddy. Then click on the button "Install DB". This will create the Greyhole data base in MySQL. Now scroll up and put a check mark in enable. Then click on save and apply.
    • Now click on the Pool TAB above. Then click on add. Drop down the menu and add the volume (hard drive) that you wold like. Then fill in free space in gigabytes. I would recommend 10 percent of the total of the drive. This is a soft limit and can be overridden by Grreyhole if needed. Click on Save and Apply. REPEAT for all drives you want to include in the Pool.

      **ATTN**: prior to step 6- Greyhole works with any number of shares. If you don't have shares yet, go in Services>SMB/CIFS now, and create yourself some shares (Photos, Videos, Documents, etc.) Also make sure SMB/CIFS is enabled. Save and Apply **

    • Click on the Samba TAB above. Click on add. Then click on the drop down for SMB Share. Select the share you want to use. Then click on number of copies.
      **IMPORTANT** You need to at least select 2 if you want a backup copy of files on another drive. Then click on Save and apply.
    • Now go back to Pools TAB above. Click on the button "Files Check". Drop down the "Path" and you will see the samba share you just added in the last step. Select that share and click on Save and Apply. REPEAT steps 6 & 7 to add more samba shares.
    • Your data is now being backed up to the number of copies you specified. Any data now added to the samba share will be backed up according to parameters set. Any files(symlinks if accessing on OMV, it will look like normal file is via the share on a Windows or Apple machine) deleted from the share will delete the original and backup copies as well.

    Questions / Problems / Diskussions
    Click here to get to the diskussions thread

    Version 1.0 // 09.09.2014

    Thanks to Ryeco for a Great Job on this Plugin!!!! Thanks also go to Guillaume Boudreau, the developer of Greyhole! Also tekkb for writing this tutorial!

    OMV 4.x| HP Microserver | 256GB Samsung 830 SSD for system | 4x 2TB in a RAID5
    OMV 4.x| Odroid XU4 | 5TB Data drive | 500GB Backup drive
    OMV 5.x| Raspberry Pi 4 | 6TB Data drive | 500GB SSD drive

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