esxi and accessing storage with openmediavault

  • hello,
    I installed esxi on my newly acquired server. Now this is all new to me so I am still trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.
    I successfully created a virtual machine for openmediavault - nothing special just 1cpu and 1 gb of ram allocated to it.
    My question is how do I get it to access other disks that are not part of the virtual machine??? I do not currently have any other disks installed in the server other than the one that has esxi and the virtual machine for openmediavault.

    I tried to read up on vmware's site and it seems to say that any drives physically in host will show on the vm but I would then assume the vm could see left over space on the drive.
    I hope this is all making sense.
    so to explain a bit more say for example: 70gb drive with esxi installed. 16gb vm for open mediavault. How do I utilize the remaining space with openmediavault?? I want to tinker before I add drives in raid configs.

    Or maybe I cant till I have another drive not related to either installed?
    I can successfully gain access to esxi remotely and the openmediavault which I was pretty surprised about for a first go. :thumbsup:


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