openmediavault-emby plugin (formerly mediabrowser)

  • For 3 it doesn't work... For 2 I've never had any problems since yesterday. But today that Problem doesn't appear anymore ;-)

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    Now I don't have the error anymore but I'm getting this :

    Sorry for late reply, I was at work

  • I have a strange problem.
    A few days ago, when I started Kodi and synced with emby, all movies and series are gone.
    I looked in the emby webinterface and there are 0 movies and 0 series.
    When I click "sync library" it happens nothing.

    I tried to give the mediafolder 777. Nothing.
    I set up a new omv installation. IN this installation (omv2) I mountet a nfs share from omv1 with the media files.
    This folder I added to my new emby installation. Sync -> nothing.
    This is the log from the new install.

    Any ideas?`I'm going crazy ;)


    • Log.txt

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  • Of course you have to sync. Kodi is syncing the informations about the movies etc etc to put it in the local database. ...the official emby plugin is called " Emby.Kodi Sync Queue"
    The problem is not that kodi synced my library, but when I startetd kodi I realised, that the library is empty.

    When you read my posting, you can see that I also have probvlems with a fresh emby installation. WITHOUT kodi. Just the emby server. It's not possible to add movies etc

    There are different errors in the serverlogs.
    It's a fresh omv installation!

  • Click the "update" button on your Emby repo from your, if you manually created it.
    Then go to Emby admin page, and click "restart" server.

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  • Hello,

    I have installed emby like explained before and it is working perfectly.
    I only have one problem : I can't manage to access my emby server remotely.
    I have forwarded the port 8096 and the port 8920 and I can't connect to my server.
    With the OMV2.0 there was no problem, but with the 3.0 it doesn't work. Do you have an idea ? Plex is working perfectly.
    I have installed KVM and I use a bridge.
    with the 2.0 it was working fine with KVM.

    Thank you

  • Is there an eta when the plugin gets updated for newer omv versions?

    Nope. The plugin is updated for the latest OMV versions but I think (I don't use it) it is not working with how it installs emby. I think it is just as easy to add the repo mentioned a few pages back to omv-extras and install it with the apttool plugin. No command line to get it working. If I add the ability to start/stop services to the apttool plugin, you would basically have every thing the emby plugin does. The package would update just like any other packages and the updates would show up in the Updates tab.

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