Unable to add drive to Greyhole pool in OMV GUI

  • I'm running Greyhole on my OMV NAS and ran into a little issue trying to add a drive to my pool.

    It worked before, and the Greyhole plugin and OMV are up to date.

    When I go to the pool tab of Greyhole (OMV web GUI), and click on the + sign to add a drive to the pool, the dialog box opens as it should. But then the following issue occurs; The select drive pull-down menu won't open to display available drives. When I click it the fist time, I do see that it opens briefly and can just make out it shows the 'loading' animation but then the pull down menu closes to a single line right beneath the select box. I'm unable to use the arrow keys to select a drive, nor can I type in this box. I can type in the box below that, to indicate the minimum free space.

    I tried different browsers and devices to access it, but all show the same result. I noticed the pools page refreshes every 30 seconds or so, leading me to believe the disk balancing is still running despite the fact both current disks are already balanced. I tried stopping and starting Greyhole and MySQL, but that didn't help.

    What would be the best way to troubleshoot this issue? ?(

    Thanks in advance

  • Yes, it is formatted as XFS like the two drives which are already pooled. When I look in physical disks in the web GUI, it is listed correctly.

    It seems to me like it has to do with either the interface, or because the greyhole plugin's pool page keeps refreshing. I'm going to try to stop the balancing job through SSH when I get home tonight. I found this command: mysql -u root -p -e "delete from tasks where action = 'balance'" greyhole

  • Is the drive mounted in the Filesystems tab? The dropdown isn't populated by a greyhole command. So, it doesn't care if greyhole is running.

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  • Well, it turns out that something went wrong when mounting the disk, for I was unable to unmount it or delete it from 'File systems'.

    When I turned off the disk enclosure it went from 'Online' to 'Missing' in the file systems page. I reformatted it on my Ubuntu system with GParted and when hooked up to the server and turned on it showed up again, but as a new disk. Now the mounting went faster than the first time, and this time I was able to add it to the Greyhole pool which is very nice.

    But now still see a 'missing drive' in file systems, how can I delete this entry?

  • But now still see a 'missing drive' in file systems, how can I delete this entry?

    On 0.5 you can only remove it by manually deleting it from the config.xml. Since 1.0 you can delete it via GUI.


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