SAMBA Shares and case sensitivity

  • Hi,

    I have created a shared folder called "MY-FOLDER-1"

    Under the SMB/CIFS section I then created a share pointing to that created folder.

    The name which I type in the SMB/CIFS section is what is presented to the user when browsing the network, or accessing the path.

    I would like this to be "My Folder 1"

    However I cannot enter spaces, and no matter if I enter "MY FOLDER 1" or "My Folder 1" the case remains lower always.

    Is there a setting I can enable to make SAMBA case sensitive and allow me to type in spaces under the name?


  • There is no limitation with the case, i've just tested it. There is however a limitation with spaces in their name.
    You can submit feature request here

    edit: I thought you meant in the config, yes all in uppercase are listed in lowercase in the client side (win7 tested only).
    Also maybe a bug (not sure I guess I'll have yo check the documentation of Samba for this or another client OS)

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