How to move OMV system to another drive

  • I'm a newbie to OMV, so sorry if this is an obvious question.

    I have OMV on an HP N54L. The data is in RAID1 on two 1TB drives in two bays. The system is on a 3.5" 320GB drive in the 4th drive bay. Now I want to free up that bay by moving the system to a 2.5" 80GB drive that will be attached to the 5th SATA port.

    I've installed the openmediavault-backup plugin, but I'm not sure how to proceed from here. I understand that Clonezilla can only move the system to a bigger drive, not a smaller one.

    So how would I proceed to copy the OMV system from one drive to the other ? Will I be better off doing a full install in the new drive and reconfiguring everything?

  • it's not an obvious question!!

    1) run clonezilla and make a copy of your current setup on one of the data drives. this is your insurance policy. if something goes wrong you can go back to your current setup in a few easy steps with clonezilla...just restore the saved image.
    2) boot a linux distribution with gparted (knoppix...systemrescuecd...)
    3) run gparted and resize the partitions so that swap and sda1 (?) together are 80GB. take note of the partitions UUID's before resizing. this is important.
    4) check the UUIDs of the now resized partitions to make sure that they are the same. if they have changed restore the original UUIDs with gparted.
    5) shut down and reboot clonezilla. clone the system drive to the new SSD drive.
    6) job done! unplug the old drive and leave the new one in...the system should boot normally.

    let us know how it goes.

  • if you keep the same UUIDs it should be ok. I recently migrated from one drive to another one and at the same time I created a new partition on the system drive. everything works well here.
    in any case I think that the most important thing is step 1).... ;)

  • Ah ok. So in the new drive you must enforce the old UUID that it?. Didn't know you can do that, that is with gparted or any linux distro can do it? what's the command?

    yes, that's correct. You can change the UUID from Gparted (this is what I did) but I think that you can also use the tune2fs command...

  • Well, this is how I did it:
    1) Backup up the source drive with clonezilla
    2) Booted SystemrescueCD with gparted.
    3) Created a 50GB partition with boot flag and 8GB swap on the destination drive (not sure if this was necessary)
    4) Reduced boot partition on source drive to 50GB (exact same size as above)
    5) Copied boot partition from destination to source drive with clonezilla with "install grub" option.
    6) Pulled out source drive and rebooted.

    I didn't pay much attention to the UUIDs of the drives, but it seems to be working fine as it is.

    Thanks guys!

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