ownCloud - Best Practice?

  • Hello friends. I am curious about something with ownCloud. We use ownCloud both at work and at home. At work, of course, we take on an OMV-esque approach (as most large deployments do, I'm sure) to hesitate on mass upgrades. We're still on OC6 at work and will likely remain so for a few months yet. At home, it's a different story. While I don't need any OC7 related features, I like to stay on top of the latest OC as much as possible, mostly to get a preview for what's inevitably coming at work. That way if there are any monumental show stoppers I find in my own home usage, it might come in handy when it comes to planning a future upgrade.

    I see the OC plugin is 6.0.4, while the latest is 7.0.4.x or so. Would I be best off just pulling the repo from the OpenSUSE Build Serevice and doing it manually via terminal/ssh? (that's how I do it anyway on any other server). Or, would I be better off somehow working with the plugin to push it into an upgrade?

    For kicks on a test server I pulled it in from the repo to check things out. It's not giving me any response when I try to hit the web UI, though that could be something related to nginx communicating with ownCloud, as I'm pretty new to nginx and am learning on the fly (hence, test server)

    Thanks for any insight!

  • Thanks for that. I'll check it out.

    Due to my curiosity, I can't help but to wonder... knowing that OMV is basically just Debian underneath, could I not, in theory, set up ownCloud to work with nginx in the usual manner you would on say a standard headless Debian install?

  • i use the newest owncloud with the archive file and the nginix plugin in OMV. i think these is the simple way to use it but tekkbs way is better ;)

    omv 5.x | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 5.x | kernel 5.4
    used plugins: omv-extras | portainer | rsnapshot | antivirus
    used container: portainer/portainer | linuxserver/nextcloud | linuxserver/letsencrypt | linuxserver/mariadb | jellyfin/jellyfin | doliana/logitech-media-server | v2tec/watchtower | instrumentisto/coturn

  • I think when it's all said and done, I'll just stick to the ownCloud plugin with OMV since version 7's newer features aren't things I'd really utilize. Of course, I don't want to wait around forever for OC7 (hate to sound like that), but still...

    That said, I cannot figure out if my issues are stemming from my lack of experience with nginx, an actual nginx/ownCloud problem, or a problem with the way OMV implemented nginx in the first place.

    At this point, I have ownCloud 7 installed from the repos. I can hit the web interface over SSL, but instead of a login screen, I have a simple error "Cloud not found" listed. All of the ownCloud login screen theme features are there, which only adds to the injury as I feel so close, yet so far.

    On one hand, I can find users on the ownCloud forums who are complaining of the same series of issues I've ran into (and most of which I've fixed, excluding the cloud not found error) when using ownCloud with nginx. I also saw a reference somewhere on the ownCloud documentation that suggested Apache might be their typical go-to platform. If that's the case that may be why I had such a flawless experience in Ubuntu/Apache but more of a headache in OMV/Debian/Nginx.

    On the other hand, I see guides online of people setting up Raspberry Pi based ownCloud servers where they chose nginx. Even copying their configs step for step (aside from adjusting parameters like, server_name, etc), I still run into issues. So you have the side that says yeah I have the same problems with OC/nginx! And the other side who says yeah I totally got OC/nginx working with a Pi. Given that most of these posts are either summer this past year or newer, their relevancy is surely there.

    That said, this is a test server. I'd certainly like to figure this out, even if my end goal will likely favor sticking with the OMV ownCloud plugin so I can retain a bit of sanity. ;)

    EDIT - Just curious, if you install the OC plugin in OMV, do you still get security fixes via updates?

  • For the nginx configs, i have help from HK-47
    it was very easy, but only one thing doesn't work - the updateplugin.

    for a interesting, i can write a instructions

    omv 5.x | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 5.x | kernel 5.4
    used plugins: omv-extras | portainer | rsnapshot | antivirus
    used container: portainer/portainer | linuxserver/nextcloud | linuxserver/letsencrypt | linuxserver/mariadb | jellyfin/jellyfin | doliana/logitech-media-server | v2tec/watchtower | instrumentisto/coturn

  • You can grab all the nginx config files from the plugin. Then you can uninstall the plugin and set it up however you like. I give you the file locations in a bit. The big advantage of the plugin is that it will automatically integrate your omv users into owncloud with a backend plugin to oc that Volker wrote. There is a downside to this plugin, it makes oc slower. Now, sql vs. mysql is only going to make a difference really if you have a lot of users. I've done both setup a hell of a lot of times and I know. BRB....

    When you install the plugin you need to grab a copy of these files... then you can uninstall the plugin and setup however you want manually. But these files are needed for nginx.


    I would grab my new javascript files from my Guide too. It will make it nicer in Openmediavault.

    Put a copy of these files back in their locations and then manually install. You can use the Suse repo and key. Download the OC7 version and install via dpkg -i the first time with Debian 7 version.

    You will get updates if you have the Suse repo enabled with the gpg key... Guys, used the custom repo TAB in OMV Extras to add repos. There is a button that does "apt-get update" too in OMV Extras. The gpg key stuff has to be entered in command line.

  • Roughly translated, I can take the configs that the OMV ownCloud plugin would use with nginx and apply them to my own, "lower level" (outside of OMV) instance of ownCloud + nginx, and in theory that should fly?

  • Is it possible to use MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc with the ownCloud plugin to OMV? I only have 3 or 4 users who use ownCloud on my server, but my wife and I have it set up so our phones sync our pictures to it. Oh my GOSH can OC get slow using SQLite if you're picture happy parents like us with an active 1 year old. Once I switched it to MySQL all issues went away. If I can't use another database in the plugin then that'd only be more reason to use the regular instance underneath OMV...

  • I didn't address any rpi issues. If I missed something point it out. I jump around a lot and really don't read everything.

    Correct about the nginx configs.

    If you setup manually with just the nginx configs and the package downloaded from here:


    On inital entry into the site it will query you and you can setup with sql or mysql. I have never used the other database types, just these 2. You need to have the database setup ahead of this though so you can enter the pertinent information as regards to the database. You will be queried for this.

  • The owncloud plugin for OpenMediaVault is SQL only. I actually prefer a MySQL setup but there is a tradeoff and you have to decide.

    ownCloud is very difficult for end users to employ. If you are not a advanced linux user I do not recommend a complete manual install. Most users have a difficult time using ownCloud even once they have a good install.

  • I installed the plugin and copied the files over to my data drive. I did not have /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/oc though. That was the only thing missing. I went through the setup process with everything else just to see if anything changed. Unfortunately, nothing changed.

    That being said, I have a second test server installed but not really set up. It should be a pretty vanilla instance to work from. I've mucked around with this box so much who knows what's right and wrong anymore. I'll get the other box hooked up and I'll pull over the ownCloud OMV plugin, copy those files (I'm hoping /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/oc is there too), and repeat all of my steps.

    Since there will be a little time lapse until later this evening when I have the opportunity to try again, I just want to make sure I have my steps down accurately. I'll effectively be doing this...

    • Install OMV Extras to easily add new repos
    • Install ownCloud plugin within OMV (do I need to activate it, or is installing it enough?)
    • Copy over the following configs to my data share as outlined above:
    • /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/openmediavault-owncloud
    • Deactivate ownCloud OMV plugin (if necessary), and/or uninstall ownCloud OMV plugin (is un-installation of the plugin necessary?)
    • Add the openSUSE Build Service repo for ownCloud via OMV Extras plugin (including key via SSH) and update
    • Install ownCloud via SSH (apt-get install owncloud)
    • Copy the configs from step 3+4 back to the exact same directories that they originated from via the ownCloud OMV plugin

    Then I assume I would do:

    service php5-fpm reload
    service nginx reload
    service nginx restart
    (probably not all necessary, but why not be safe)

    and... bingo? I should have ownCloud 7?

    1) Why is step 4.1 coming from sites-enabled? Shouldn't it be in sites-available and then "ln -s" it to sites-enabled?
    2) Do I have to alter /etc/nginx/nginx.conf?
    3) Do I have to alter /etc/nginx/sites-available/default?

    Most importantly, thank you everyone for your continued patience and assistance.

  • The only steps you are missing above is the enabling of the mysql plugin and adding the database for owncloud. I think one guy has given steps recently on settting the database in MySQL. I know I have given steps for this several times in the past. I'll try to find that info, at least on database setup in MySQL and post it here later.

    service php5-fpm restart
    service nginx restart

    Q1- it is just the way Volker did it. You can alter it if you want (sites-available with symlink in sites-enabled)
    Q2- nope
    Q3- no, you can use those files/locations I gave above as is.

  • Thank you very much for your insight. I'm familiar with creating a mysql database for ownCloud, I just wanted to make sure I would set it up the exact same way as I would on a regular headless distro or if I would need to do it at the plugin level entirely here.

    I'll try these steps later tonight after I get home. Thanks again!

  • Well, I did all of the above steps on a totally different test server. Like before, /etc/nginx/openmediavault-webgui.d/oc was missing, but I carried on with everything else, step by step. I was left with ownCloud 6.0.4, not 7.0.4 like I was intending. Thinking a reboot might be in order to restart some process or service I was missing, I rebooted the OMV test machine. Upon startup, both my OMV web UI as well as ownCloud won't respond. I can SSH in, so I'm sure I could do some terminal level work to get it rolling, but I feel like I'm starting to get past that desire now. Now I'm more interested in just getting OMV officially set up on my main server. I'll stick with ownCloud 6 and go from there.

    I do appreciate the help that everybody has provided me. If anybody has a real quick FYI type suggestion, I'll give it a shot, as this test box is just going to sit in the corner of the basement otherwise for a while yet.

    Remaining questions:

    When using the ownCloud plugin from OMV, does that plugin get updates? I'm talking security level updates. I know ownCloud from the openSUSE Build Service certainly gets updates, but I just want to make sure if I'm using the ownCloud plugin with OMV that it actually receives security updates for anything that might come about.

    Secondly, is there a target range when it comes to upgrading ownCloud's OMV plugin? What I mean is, when can users expect to see the OMV OC plugin to kick over to version 7? I'm not asking from an "oh my gosh must have OC7 now" standpoint, but just genuine curiosity.

    Again, thanks for the assistance everyone. This forum speaks volumes in regard to the OMV community.

  • I try to put out enough information that people can attempt this on their own. It is not simple. I used to help people even on Team Viewer but it was taking way to much of my time, and I will no longer do this. I hope that the information I give will help people to learn and then they will help others.

    If you use the plugin and don't add the Suse repo you will not be getting updates. Volker did not want the plugin installs getting broken by an update. But i find in most cases the upgrades are important fixes for OC.

    I have a lot of notes. I will discuss upgrading the plugin with Volker in the New Year.

  • Hmm... I can understand not getting regular updates to bump ownCloud 6 to 7 etc, but no security updates is a bit of a concern... that's kind of like the Ubuntu repository with no ownCloud maintainer thing that happened recently (where ownCloud wasn't getting updates in the main Ubuntu universe repo and ownCloud was vocal about it)... perhaps an option can be enabled to perhaps allow, opt in style, to just tap into the main repo for easy updates if the user wants it? Just blind firing thoughts.

    But yeah, like I said, you folks were very helpful and I still learned a lot on the fly. Thanks for that. :)

  • I hate to hark on this a bit but a couple thoughts came to mind...

    1) If I install Debian, and then OMV, would that provide me with more flexibility to get ownCloud running in a separate, non OMV way?

    2) Under the above scenario, would it be possible to have apache and nginx coexisting under the same box? Apache for ownCloud and nginx for OMV was my thought process...

    3) Has anybody ever used ownCloud with nginx on regular Debian? I see ownCloud documentation has an nginx config to copy and paste but that didn't work under OMV... makes me wonder if somehow on a straight Debian install (with OMV on top) it might yield more success.

    4) Would I be losing (or gaining??) anything, functionality wise, by going the Debian + OMV route vs the full OMV method?

    Thanks for any and all insight!

    EDIT - Tonight I tinkered with a few VMs. I tried Debian + OMV as well as OMV while installing ownCloud strictly over terminal. Nothing worked out that well. With Debian I installed ownCloud with nginx first. While I got ownCloud running, once I put OMV on, I couldn't get to the OMV web interface.

    ownCloud seems very tied to apache, which is likely why it's such a seamless install on a regular Linux distro. I mean, ownCloud server is crazy simple to get rolling if you're going to spin it with apache. With OMV being out-of-the-box tied to nginx and thereby retooling ownCloud to play with nginx, it complicates things. I can't figure out why, since I can technically get ownCloud running on nginx/Debian without too much fuss, but with both ownCloud and OMV in the picture, I can't hit a home run.

    I'll keep tinkering with it, but I am re-thinking my initial plans of OMV'ing things up in place of my Ubuntu Server setup. Unless I can get both ownCloud and OMV to co-exist in a situation where ownCloud actually receives updates (security updates are a requirement) that doesn't require a magnitude of setup, I'm thinking I'll sideline this idea. I just can't sit okay with ownCloud not receiving updates from ownCloud upstream. It's not even about 6 vs 7, but more along the lines of ensuring that my ownCloud instance is secure.

    Can anybody confirm as to whether or not the ownCloud 6 plugin for OMV gets updates? (again, I don't mean v6 to v7, but security updates to the server package itself) If it does get updates, how does it work? Does the plugin tap in to some sort of upstream repo to pull them down when available?

    EDIT II - Doesn't sound like it gets updates after all, which is a little upsetting. :(

    6.0.4 is the latest for OMV

    6.0.6 is the latest 6.x.x series available from ownCloud

    In particular:
    Version 6.0.6 November 13th 2014

    • Several security fixes

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