Changing mount point for aufs pool

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    I'd like to change the mount point for my aufs pool. I am using the unionfilesystems plugin (v1.2) on OMV 1.9 to create an aufs pool consisting of two drives. Currently, it is mounted to "/media/88028261-5afb-4255-9ca7-de7fdc8b5185", but I would like to have it mounted to "/media/pool".

    I changed the mount point to "/media/pool" in fstab by making the aufs entry look like this:

    none /media/pool aufs br:/media/....

    After rebooting, the pool does appear to be mounted to /media/pool, but OMV doesn't seem very happy about it. In the File Systems section, the pool's device name is listed with the old mount point (i.e. /media/88028261-5afb-4255-9ca7-de7fdc8b5185), and it is listed as not mounted, even though I can access it from /media/pool. Furthermore, because the pool is not recognized in the File Systems section, I can not add any shared folders for it, or access the pool in any manner in OMV.

    I'm sure I'm missing something here. Is there a script I need to run to update OMV with the manual changes made to fstab? Or is there a better way to change the mount point of an aufs pool?

    Thanks for any help

  • You can't change the mountpoint. That is hardcoded. You have to create a symlink instead.


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