OMV for Android seen ?

  • Just looked at sourceforge to vote for OMV as project of the week.

    There I found : omv_odroid-c1-beta_1.9a.img.gz ( 365 MB )

    Will there be an android version for OMV ?

    Can somebody explain pls.

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    It says odroid-c1 not android :) It is for the HardKernel Odroid-C1 quad core arm board - see here. This board will run android but the image I created is Debian Wheezy with OMV just like i386/amd64 images.

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  • That image is based on Debian, not Android, and is far from working flawless. There a still a bunch of things that need to be taken care off before you can use it in your daily workflow.

    Noteable problems as of today:
    GBit connections generate massive package loss
    The debian base image that we use has a automount feature which needs to be disabled
    Putting the rootfs on a HDD renders the system unusable after reboot

    OpenMediaVault is not beeing ported to any other Distribution and will continue to only work on Debian Wheezy.


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