Need to build a new one / HP Microserver

  • Hi there,

    After using OMV on my old hardware for a few weeks now, I need some new hardware. This one witch annoys me every week (a hdd missing, lockup, problem with nic, ..) and now fails to boot. My wife begs me to stop tinkering and ask me to buy new stuff.

    What does it have to do:
    - omv
    - owncloud
    - zoneminder (2-3cams) - records the events to the disk
    - serving files to my TV (nfs)
    - being backup location for files, documents (samba/afp)
    - timemachine server
    - run logitech media server
    - be on for 24/7

    What I got in mind:
    mobo MSI C847MS-E33
    ram Corsair 4 GB DDR3-1333
    os hdd SanDisk SSD 64 GB
    CPU onboard Intel® Celeron® 847

    I have a 2TB and 500gb data disk now running. It is enough, but I'll add 2tb later.

    Now my A64 3200+ (single core, with 2.5gb ram) has a load of 30% for zoneminder, so this celeron is ±2x the same speed (dual core). and a lot more economical on the electrical cost
    The other programs are not really CPU hungry, just need a stable system.
    The SDD is my first one - I used classic hdds untill now, I think it is good to use it for zoneminder (because it writes a lot to the disk, every image captured when activity is seen ,...).

    Q1: any tougths?
    Q2: HDD or SDD for os?
    Q3: Do I need a powerfull PSU for this? (I will not recycle anything of my old hardware :) )

    thank you in advance

  • First, regarding the turnkey... I will always, always, ALWAYS build my own NAS. You buy a device like that, and something breaks right outside of warranty or if they no longer support it, you're kind of screwed. That won't happen with a custom build. Motherboard goes out.. buy a new one. CPU goes out, buy a new one.. and so on.

    Q1... The only issue I see with that board, is the NIC. You think your frustrated with your NIC now? Wait till you deal w/ that POS Realtek device (I know, I have it)... My recommendation.. if you want the board, that is fine, but work an Intel card into your budget. I used that Realtek for almost a year before I finally threw my hands up with it and ordered an Intel device. I followed all the tutorials to make it work "better", and nothing worked. Realtek's Linux support just sucks. The Intel card has worked flawlessly and I wish I hadn't waited so long.

    The CPU... The Celeron (I happen to have a Celeron also) is fine as long as you don't need to transcode your media. I don't need transcoding, so this is no issue to me... but if it's something you might be doing in the future.. I'd look at upgrading to an i3. I'm not that familiar with Zoneminder, and never really thought about it being CPU intensive, but I can see how that would spike a CPU. That would be something else to consider.

    Q2: SSD vs HDD... SSD's seem to be all the rage, but I haven't made the jump yet (but I've been tempted). I usually hop on ebay and find new 2.5in laptop drives in the 80-160gig range for my OS drive. I've done this for my NAS, and a friend did it when I helped him build his.. and they've worked fine (as I said, just go new, I wouldn't go used). I'm sure an SSD is faster, but I've been plunking along pretty happily with my 160gig.

    Q3: Most of the time, you don't need a super powerful PSU. Big PSU's really only become necessary when running gaming rigs w/ tricked out GPU's, etc. Just not really an issue on a NAS. I've got a 450w, and I'd be willing to bet it's at least 100w over what I've ever needed. The best thing to do, is go through the devices you want, look at their max power requirements, and add them up... Devices don't run at max 100% of the time, but that will tell you your 100% max power needs.. and you can decide from there.

    Hope that helps.

  • ok, thanks for your opinion.

    However : this is a mobo with integrated cpu - so if one breaks the other is lost to :) And probabely the new stuff I buy then will need other ram - so I throw out everithing except PSU and case.

    Q1: yeah the nic, I can add a 3com. The HP MicroServer has intel onboard, so that's ok. Celeron is ok, I don't do transcoding on the nas (and do not plan to do it), except for my MP3s and FLACs (for logitechmediaserver)
    Q2: I read that about the laptop hdd somewhere on the forum, I might go for that (a spinning harddisk is proven technology, call me ancient)
    Q3 : ok thanks for your input

    Now I'm really doubting between the HP and the DIY-build togheter. I've seen a couple of guys on the forum here that use that microstation. When choosing that, my wife can't complain I installed it wrong :)

    Besides, the HP MicroServer is more entreprise-grade engineered hardware. The MSI-board is a cheap entry-level end-user board, by some taiwanese guys :). That is also some kind of warranty, not?

  • It's all opinion of course. A guy on another forum I'm on, he had a ReadyNas that literally died 3 days after his warranty expired. The exact reason I described above, caused him to build his own to replace it. I'm not a huge fan of the integrated CPU's (for the exact reason I mentioned)... RAM.. as long as you're in the same general family, it will be backward compatible to a newer motherboard... so you wouldn't need to repurchase that.

  • ok thanks for the input.

    I ordered the HP nevertheless.

    How can I make sure the hard disks I insert wont be overwritten by the raid-initializing tool when booting first up?

    I mean:
    - I'll put in a blank disk to install OMV
    - but when I put in the data-disks (2TB), I don't want them to be erased by the HP raid-utility
    - I'll be using no kind of software or hardware-raid (but a good backup-scheadule)

  • ...... My wife begs me to stop tinkering and ask me to buy new stuff. ....

    What a lucky man.... 8)

    Homebox: Bitfenix Prodigy Case, ASUS E45M1-I DELUXE ITX, 8GB RAM, 5x 4TB HGST Raid-5 Data, 1x 320GB 2,5" WD Bootdrive via eSATA from the backside
    Companybox 1: Standard Midi-Tower, Intel S3420 MoBo, Xeon 3450 CPU, 16GB RAM, 5x 2TB Seagate Data, 1x 80GB Samsung Bootdrive - testing for iSCSI to ESXi-Hosts
    Companybox 2: 19" Rackservercase 4HE, Intel S975XBX2 MoBo, C2D@2200MHz, 8GB RAM, HP P212 Raidcontroller, 4x 1TB WD Raid-0 Data, 80GB Samsung Bootdrive, Intel 1000Pro DualPort (Bonded in a VLAN) - Temp-NFS-storage for ESXi-Hosts

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