I have OMW now what?

  • Okey I have OMW running with 3 disk in a raid 5 configuration, NICE (-:

    But have do I access it from my PS3, Raspberry Pi and mac? Do I need a static ip address, a DNS server or ?? I am new to networking but I have a Netgear wndr3700 setup with wi-fi and and my appletv and ps3 are connected with LAN.

    What do I need to make it all work together?

  • HI,

    First of all, yes, you should put a static ip for your server, you can do it in the Network panel > Interfaces tab and edit your eth0 controller :

    You should also put your modem DNS in the DNS Server tab :

    You can find them by connecting to your Netgear modem with the address, or or (it depends)

    After that I think that if you want to share folders with the PS3 and other stuff you should turn on Samba/Cifs shares (maybe NFS for Apple products...).
    If not you have to enable the SMB/CIFS plugin in the plugins section.

    But before that you have to configure the Shared Folders under the Acces Right Management section :

    After you did that go to the SMB/CIFS section under Services and enable it (you can add WORKGROUP if you are in a Windows local domain) :

    Go the Shares tab an choose the NewSharedFolder you just created :

    You can now share this folder with Windows for instance at the address :


    - ASROCK FM2A88X-ITX+ (SATAIII (6Gb/s) x6 (for the DATA), mSATA x1 (for the OS))
    - AMD A6 7400K 3.5GHz
    - Corsair 2Go DDR3 1333MHz C9 (x2)
    - Intel Corporation 82574L Gigabit Network Connection
    - COOLER MASTER G450M (80+ bronze)
    - WD Red 2To 64Mo 3.5" SATAIII (6Gb/s)
    - 32 Go SSD mSATA KingSpec Half-Size Solid State
    - Fractal Design Node 304 black (HDD 3.5" x6)
    - RAID 5 XFS
    - OMV 4.1.35-1 Arrakis

  • Usually it is called static lease in the router. It works better then setting a static ip in OMV. The static lease uses the mac address of your nic and the dhcp server will always assign the same ip to that mac address. You choose the ip address you want to use.

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    How is it "better" to assign static IPs via the router as opposed to doing it in OMV?

    Most of the time people just set their ip and not dns, then come to the forum to complain about why their omv doesn't have internet.

    A static ip fails most of the time to register their hostname, then they come here to complain than their clients can't see their server by name or why they can't mount shares it by name.

    Also the ip gets reserved among the range, the server is down and a free dhcp clients get's the ip, again they come to the forum to ask why they can't access omv

  • Static lease will make sure your OMV always has the same ip. It is best to use an ip address not in the range of the dhcp server.

    In linux a lot of times you are using rescue type disks (e.g. parted magic, system rescue cd) which you can ssh into. Your machine will be assigned the same ip even if you boot to a resscue disk. It is done via your mac address and not dependent on the operating system. This is one really big reason why static leases are awesome.

  • ..also when you come to change something in the future (say your DNS server, subnet, lookup domain etc) - something you WILL do at some point over time - you don't then need to remember to go round to all your static IP devices and update them accordingly; in today's IP-connected households/environments many of which you will have forgotten and thus it could take a while before you figure out while that something has stopped working.

    (might have recently done that myself with an old thermostat I didn't realise I'd configured manually a few years ago <cough>!)

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