Owncloud 8 and MySQL: alternative approach

  • Hi everyone,

    i successfully installed nextcloud using the tutorial on page1 on an odroidc2-running on erasmus (great tutorial by the way).

    Would someone please be kind enough to show us, who are just mere mortals, on how to install the collobora online, using a self signed certificate
    as mentioned here and here..

    I don't know where to start.. been doing some readings but there nothing concrete on how to do it step by step...

    please bear with me as I am not an IT person.... :):):)

    thanks very much in advance...

  • Hi,

    your post save me a lot of time...the extra parameters were the missing part of my configuration.
    For me, your steps are also valid for the new nextcloud installation 9.0.
    I use omv erasmus installed from the iso and nextcloud from the zip, i have also omv-extras.


  • Thank you for the howto! Before I try to install this I have two short questions:

    1) I have two "volumes" in my OMV installation - System (SSD) and Data (HDD). Since I only want to use this for very small amount of data but dont want nextcloud to always bring up the HDD --> can I also install this on the SSD? I couldnt find an option to create a folder on my SSD in the first step :)

    2) is it also possible to install nextcloud10 "in parallel" to my existing Owncloud installation? I want to delete the owncloud later ... but just in case :)

  • 1. Yes, or you can move the NextCloud existing folder to SSD.

    2. No point to install both.
    You can migrate from OC to NC.
    Just rename your current OC to OC-old, then copy Data, Config folders to NC.
    Performance the migration.
    Then copy the Apps folder to NC after the installation.

  • Thank you - but unfortunately I tried, and I am already lost on the first step: i can't create a shared folder on my system drive via the Web interface! That's why I asked if I need to ssh or if I missed something.

    Shall I create the folders as user or root? With "The NC is should be www-data:www-data" you mean the user www-data should have rw access or owner of /www or /www/owncloud? If the second: who is owner of www?

  • Use SSH to log in as root to create the necessary folders.
    Next, download the NC, then chown -R www-data:www-data /www/nextcloud
    Then performance the installation.

    You can leave /www as 'root:www-data'.
    So root has full permisson and www-data as read and execute for /www
    chmod -R 0755 /www

  • I've got a bizarre problem when it comes to the nginx pool: Every time I look at my pool entry through the openmediavault web-page GUI, the user and group is blank. I can select www-data from the drop-down and save, but if I edit the pool, user and group is blank again. Is there a non-GUI method for setting the pool user and group?

  • Unfortunately I am already stuck at "Configure the server". I created the pool alright, but for some reason I can't add a server and therefore can't enter the details. Do you have any idea why and can I do this manually somehow?

    also two questions for the line:

    You can leave /www as 'root:www-data'.So root has full permisson and www-data as read and execute for /www
    chmod -R 0755 /www

    1) with chmod -R 0755 /www it wasn't root:www-data. I used chown root:www-data /www for that, was this intended?
    2) doesnt 0755 mean everybody on my server can read the folder /www ? Isnt this unsecure for the nextcloud?

  • I think you missing some steps that's why you're unable to add a server.
    Ensure your NextCloud HTTP/HTTPS ports are not conflict with other services.
    Double check your setup.

    1. Yes.

    2. I think you meant /www/nextcloud
    If your users can't read, how would they read the data?

  • Thank you for your help! found this thread:
    Nginx (websites) plugin not working
    and apt-cleaned omv-extras and afterwards could update my nginx plugin from 1.3.1 to 2.4. -> with this it works good!

    However when I am trying to go on with the server configuration I can't select the folder (since it is on my SSD). Can you also help me with this? Can I manually create the server? thank you for your help!!!

    about question 2: no i meant /www. Above you wrote: chmod -R 0755 /www. Shall I not do this? It says now: rdwxr-xr-x 3 root www-data (...) www - is this dangerous? What should the mod for www be?

  • thank you. Now the (hopefully last) problem:

    When I try to add the server, I obviously can't select the folder (since it is not known to the gui). Is there a good way to manually add this? Is there possible a way to manually add my /www/nextcloud to the shared folder? Or the other way around: how can I manually create the nginx setup?

    I tried to input a fake folder and afterward edit the root path:

    set $root_path "/www/nextcloud/";
    root $root_path;

    unfortunately this still doesnt work and I am out of ideas :(

    When I try to access myserver:90 it says "file not found". Is it possible that this is because the name is setup-nextcloud.php instead of index.php?

  • 1. Delete your existence nextcloud:
    rm -r /www/nextcloud

    2. Re-create NC folder
    mkdir -p /www/nextcloud

    3. chown -R www-data:www-data /www/nextclcoud

    Follow the rest of the instructions from Page 1.

    Why can't you create the Nginx setup from the OMV GUI?

  • I tried but I still can't select the shared folder "/www/nextcloud" in the web-gui, because the web-gui doesnt know of the folder. I marked red what doesnt work.

    Thats why I tried to add a wrong path for the server and then change it, but that doesnt work either :(
    Can someone please help me how to either add my /www/nextcloud to the "shared folders" in the web-gui or how to manually add the server config?

  • I am aware of this, but this goes back to the beginning: I can only create shares on my data drive (HDD) with the webgui, however I want to install nextcloud on my system drive (SSD) :/

    edit: for some reason third time is a charm :) I now misdirected the nginx file, then manually edited the file to /www/nextcloud/ and then save it. With service nginx restart I've got it to work :)

    Thank you very much for your help!!!

    Edit2: one more question about the users I have to create in owncloud manually: they are not linked to the openmediavault users right? So there is no harm in using a name I already have on openmediavault with a different password, right?

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