[RESOLVED] IE accesses OMV WebGui, but no login dialog

  • I'm able to login to OMV WebGUI from a number of machines just fine. However, on one machine (IE 10), I get to the blue login page, but I don't have any login dialog. I assumed this might be a java issue, but I've installed Java and still no. I'm able to access other java-based sites. I've looked at compatibility mode, trusted sites settings, etc., but still no login dialog.

    How do I get IE 10 browser able to login dialog of the WebGUI?

  • OMV doesn't use java. It does use javascript which is completely different. Did you clear your cache or try a different browser?

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  • Hmmm...

    I had the URL to my OMV listed in my Intranet Zone with lowest security (everything enabled/allowed) but set to compatibility view (View Intranet Zone in Compatibility View). When I moved it to Trusted Sites zone, with low security, then it worked.

    Go figure.

  • Hi,
    the same issue - I've just installed omv 1.12 and configured samba only (without any plugin). After server restarting I got to the blue login page, but I don't have any login dialog in Firefox. I've tried Chromium and Midori browsers, but still no login dialog.

  • Huh? Dunno why, but you're welcome ;)


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