• Sadly, the wiki is quite empty. I'd like to post a few things there. To whom do I request the permissions to be able to edit pages?

    By the way, the wiki is still hosted by sourceforge, will it remain this way or the service will be closed just like the forum?

  • I did not missed it, i currently do not know how to proceed. The current situation shows that using a wiki might be a big data grave. Exporting the wiki content into a different format does not work, e.g. using the content for a book, pdf or online help which requires the content in HTML. An alternative would be asciidoc or something else. Maybe someone else has a good idea.
    Finally, changing the wiki software or an alternative content system will cause the total lost of the current content which is also no good situation.

  • IMHO, the wiki might be the easiest way for people to contribute and enrich the content. Actual wiki being old, outdated (v0.2.x) and quite empty, I don't think it's a big issue to start on a new basis. Old content could still be transfered manually (i.e. copy/paste) for relevant pages.
    I know the project is still young, but it seriously lacks documentation. This is where people who don't have much dev skills -such as myself- could give a hand, as long as the contributing process to grow the documentation is easy enough.

  • As we have to migrate the existing wiki as soon as possible to do not loose the existing content i have set up a Dokuwiki installation for testing. I am no expert in Wiki solutions, but Dokuwiki seems to me more userfriendly than Mediawiki. Any thoughts or suggestions about this? Please notethat the software must be based on PHP.

    A comparison can be found here.

  • I have installed and tested OpenWiki and MediaWiki. Here are some thoughts:

    • Using MediaWiki will allow us to easily transfer the old content to the new Wiki.
    • To make it easy for the users to edit/add new content i tried to install a more userfriendly WYSIWYG editor: For MediaWiki this is hell, there is no out-of-the-box solution/plugin available, instead for DokuWiki, installed the plugin and it works. Do we need a WYSIWYG editor?
    • DokuWiki does not require a database, but does not scale good for much users (do we have such many users?)

    Any suggestions which one to use?

  • Quote from "pollux-tth"

    How to contribute to wiki? Looks like wiki and forum don't share the same user database and I can't find the page to create a wiki user.


    I think that this is pretty hermetic, we should be able to create accounts and send our contributions... after that, moderators should accept it or not...

    By the way, ty for your hard work!!

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