OMV installation on hardware (maybe!) RAID 1fails at grub install

  • Hi,

    first off apologies if this has been covered elsewhere and I've missed it!

    I'm trying to install OMV onto a RAID 1 array, which is two small SSDs connected to a PCIe 2 port controller, which is using the Marvell 88SE9128 controller. According to the data sheet I downloaded this is hardware RAID, though I'm not convinced.

    The method behind this madness was to leave the all the SATA ports on the motherboard free so I can max out the rAID 6 array I have planned to hold all my media.

    Everything goes well during install until I get to grub, at which point I get 'grub-install /dev/sda failed' error message.

    I've put the motherboard into legacy (from UEFI) to no effect, as I'd read this could potentially be the problem.

    I'm installing from a USB stick built using rufus...there's no CD/DVD drive attached to the box though I can add one for installation if that will help.

    I've not touched any variant of *nix in a long time (20 plus years) so please be gentle.

    Happy to provide any further info that's required, and happy to take advice on alternatives to how I've planned to install OMV...though the obstinate part of me wants to do it this way now, just because :-)

    Thanks in advance

  • First: Why do you want your OS to be RAID1?
    Second: Don't use the Raid Feature of that Controller, use mdadm. You may need to use the Debian Installer to achieve that and install OpenMediaVault afterwards via the package management.


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  • David,

    thanks for the reply.

    The idea behind RAID on the OS install was to allow for one drive to go pop and have the system keep running until I had replaced it.

    I'll look into using mdadm to do the same thing in software.


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