How do the Asrock Q1900-itx Bios fan settings work?

  • I would like to understand the bios fan settings for this motherboard.

    The asrock q1900 has got a 3pin cpu header.
    From what I understand you can only control the fan speed with software if you have a 4 pin fan header.
    So I can only use the bios to set the fan speed.
    In the bios you have two options:
    -Any speed between 0% and 100%
    -Setting a target temperature and a fan speed

    I'm mostly interested in the second setting.
    I've been told before that if I set my target temperature to X and my fan speed to Y%, that the fan will operate at Y% speed until temp X is reached and then go up to 100% speed.
    I've tested that but at 15C over my target temp my fan was still spinning at the base Y% speed.

    I would appreciate it very much is some one could enlighten me on the topic.

  • So I just spent about an hour trying to figure out how the settings work and I was successful.

    So what I was told was correct, but a peace of information was missing.
    If you set your fan speed to X and you target temp to Y the fan will constantly spin at speed X and will increase its speed when temp Y is reached.
    But if you set your fan to spin at a very low speed like "1-40" the fan spin up maybe delayed and/or may not spin up until a much higher temp is reached because the very gradual fan curve.

    I hope my monolog will aide someone else besides me :)

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