Your favorite Android Apps...

  • I thought this topic might be helpful for some people. We all probably spend a lot of time searching for great apps on our mobile devices....

    ES File Explorer (wish we had a plugin like this for OMV)
    Comcast apps
    Thumb Keyboard
    Wifi Analyzer
    Wol Wake on LAN WAN
    Amazon Music with Prime Music
    WD TV Remote
    Amazon Fire Remote

  • Owncloud ;)
    i know, it is not specificly vor OMV

    omv 5.x | 64 bit | omvextrasorg 5.x | kernel 5.4
    used plugins: omv-extras | portainer | rsnapshot | antivirus
    used container: portainer/portainer | linuxserver/nextcloud | linuxserver/letsencrypt | linuxserver/mariadb | jellyfin/jellyfin | doliana/logitech-media-server | v2tec/watchtower | instrumentisto/coturn

  • I have some of those mentioned above plus my favourites

    OruxMaps for offline navigation
    WhatsApp (cause most of my friends haven't got threema :( )
    Dolphin browser
    CalDAV-Sync and CardDAV-Sync from Marten Gajda for Owncloud synchronisation

    Synchronization client

    ownCloud is a free software package you can install on a server to manage files, contacts, calendars, music, pictures and much more. This is the official Android app which enables you to view and upload files.


    License: GPLv3

    Issue Tracker:
    Source Code:

    For full details and additional technical information, see this application's page on the F-Droid wiki.

    In Google-Play kostenpflichtig.

  • Some of my favs are

    ksl classifieds -> best classified sites ever
    MegahFilmesHD-> best film app ever
    watch cartoon online -> interesting

    I have downloaded them from apknite. Easy

    A nice thread to pull together useful Android software.
    Google Duo
    Google News
    System Monitor
    AK Notepad

  • This list only the (free) ones that are connected to the OVM5 server (locally and remotely)

    - Nextcloud :connected to Nextcloud (of course :))

    - OpenTask + DAVX5 : connected to Tasks in Nextcloud

    Note: very useful to share any URL from Android to my PC via Nextcloud Tasks (with multiple categories like to-do, to-save, etc...)

    - Substreamer : connected to Airsonic

    Note : Music with online and offline capabilities)

    - Bitwarden : connected to BitwardenRS

    Note : password keeper with browsers addons

    - Deluge: connected to Deluge-VPN

    Note BitTorrent via smartphone and web...

    - Jellyfin to Jellyfin

    Note: Media streaming software, like Plex and Emby......but really free (not premium based)

    - TTRSS connected to TTRSS

    Note: good news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator

    - Gotify: connected to Gotify

    Note: for real time notifications from various server apps (Sonarr, Bazarr....) to Android


  • These are "Free" utilities.

    "Ruler" - hashes as big as your screen and can be calibrated (although out of the box it's dead on)

    "Color Grab" - Will grab just about any color and associate a "name", but it is VERY good at white calibration (why I use it).

    "Graph 89 Free" - Will use the most popular Ti ROMs (not included), but it has a logging feature which most free (all?) don't.

    "SoundHound" - Identifies music. The later versions are a little spy'ish, but it's still faster at identity than the competition (I've tried them all).

    "ConvertPad" - Converts units and can convert currency to a reasonable value (handy to have if you DON'T have the internet).

    "PPSSPP - "Emulates" Sony PSP ROMs using Vulcan. Graphically on mobile, it's hard to beat with all the upscaling features (but games are old).

  • I use some of them too like Ruler and CovertPad. But actually never tried the other ones. I will check them out. Thank you for sharing them here!

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