3 tb 5 Bays enclosure

  • Hi

    well I've just just bought supermicro X9SRH-7F motherboard
    32 gigs of RAM.
    Intel xeon e2-2609v2.
    Seagate 5x3 tb. 7200 RPM.

    Help I am looking for 5 Bay drive enclosures and so far I have narrowed it down to 2.

    istar USA 5 Bays enclosure.

    1. Is anybody using 3tb drives with all drives populated because I have noticed it only has 2 sata power connectors is that going to lose and performance across the performance across the drives.
    I have noticed other manufacturers 5 Bays has 3 sata power connector.

    2. The holes on the front look very small and will take no time to block up with dust.

    Icy Dock MB975SP-B 5 x 3.5" SATA.

    1. Again anybody using these with 3 TB drives or populated.

    2. It looks to me when cleaning the doors can be easily opened and my biggest concern again when cleaning the blue LED buttons can be easily caught and turned on and off and snagged and it looks very flimsy/fragile.

    If anybody has got any recommendations it will be appreciated.

    Thanks Paul.

  • Thats some nice hardware you got there. ;)

    I have no advice on the two enclosures, sorry. :(


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  • I have an ICY Dock unit similar but different model number. The latches do not have locks and are not the best. But I like it. Just be careful if you go that route. If it bothers you that a latch might inadvertently open I would go with another model with locks. I make sure I keep the front side with the drive bays up when moving the machine. There is nothing better than just sliding in a bare drive....

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