Moving Data external USB HDD (ntfs) to AUFS

  • Hi everybody,

    first of all thanks to everybody who is helping out on this really amazing project. I've got omv running since 2 days and it's just awesome...

    Nevertheless I am currently really frustrated with an seemingly easy issue:

    I am running 4 Data HDDs in an AUFS-Pool. Additionally I have a 3TB data on an external USB hard drive (ntfs), which I want to copy/move onto my server. I plugged in the USB drive and mounted it. First I tried to use the USB Backup tool to sync my data, but it's throwing the following error:

    Error #6000:
    exception 'OMVException' with message 'Filesystem '/media/35f8e262-c4a8-4620-ae36-59ac6aa6c944' not found' in /usr/share/openmediavault/engined/rpc/
    Stack trace:
    #0 [internal function]: OMVRpcServiceUsbBackup->getCandidates(Array, Array)
    #1 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ call_user_func_array(Array, Array)
    #2 /usr/share/php/openmediavault/ OMVRpcServiceAbstract->callMethod('getCandidates', Array, Array)
    #3 /usr/sbin/omv-engined(500): OMVRpc::exec('UsbBackup', 'getCandidates', Array, Array, 1)
    #4 {main}

    Based on this thread (click me), this may be an open bug.

    Next I tried to move the files via SSH and I am pretty sure I am doing something wrong.

    My command where /dev/sdg1/ is my external (mounted) HDD and Test the folder with my data:

    cp -R /dev/sdg1/Test/* media/35f8e262-c4a8-4620-ae36-59ac6aa6c944/Sync/

    Then I get the following error

    cp: cannot stat `/dev/sdg1/Test/*': Not a directory

    I also tried /dev/sdg1/Test/.

    Can someone please help me, on how to move data from my external ntfs usb drives to my server? I have a lot of data on my external drive and reeeally don't want to move them over the network, since it will take forever.

    Thanks in advance.


  • Solved:

    I forgot to create an shared folder on my external HDD with additional r/w rights for my omv user. After I created that, rsync works like a charm.

    Thread can be closed.

    Thanks anyway :)

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