Prevent specified disk from spin up and being powered/used (limit usage of in-place Backup-Disk)

  • Hi Guys,

    I am new to OpenMediaVault and I switched from a Synology Diskstation with Raid 1 to a custom built NAS with OpenMediaVault. So far everything rocks and I really want to thank all developers and contributors to OpenMediaVault for this great piece of software :) :thumbsup: :thumbup:

    I am now at my final step of installation and I can't decide about the correct storage system yet.

    Originally I didn't want a RAID Storage. I wanted an expandable storage (adding new disks over the next years) with full 1:1 backup of my data (although with all disks located in the NAS case). That's why I have a (dumb?!8|) question :):

    I thought about having 2 disks where one disk is the actual data disk and the other disk is only the backup disk which is only used as destination for a manual rsync to copy the data. In the rest of the time where rsync is not used, I don't want the backup disk to be powered and running. I want to keep the time where the backup disk is running as low as possible (to achieve a long disk life).
    --> so is it possible to prevent a spin-up of a certain disk? Something like I can tell the system to never use and power up the specified disk. In my dumb imagination I think of something like an activity checkbox in front of each disk in Menu "Physical disks". As long as the disk is unchecked it is not allowed to be powered and spin up (to simulate that the disk isn't even there). Then from time to time when I do a manual rsync I would activate the disk, do the backup and then deactivate the disk again. It actually doesn't have to be checkbox ... its just a picture for an activate/deactivate disk functionality to ask if this possibility is somewhere (maybe hidden?) available.

    Or is this completely unnecessary? Will the System keep the backup disk in Standby as long as no data of this disk is accessed? Which would be the case because I wouldn't add any smb/nfs shares for the backup disk.
    The overall fear:rolleyes: /assumption for these thoughts is to keep the backup disk as long as possible alive, don't waste any life span while it is not actually used and limit the uptime where errors can occur. Maybe I am just a little bit over protective? ^^

    I am also thinking about disconnecting the power and SATA cords from the disk while no rsync is running (I am planning to do the backup only once in a while because the data will not change daily or even weekly's only a mediaserver) 8|.

    Additional side question for decision about No-Raid vs Raid:
    Would a RAID 10 suit my requirements? Full 1:1 backup of one disk and continuous expansions with additional disks?
    E.g. I have two disks in Raid 1 now and when disk space is depleted (some time in the future) I want do add 2 disks as second RAID 1 and span it with the original one. And so on ... up to 10 disks = 5x Raid 1 --> can a Raid 10 be expanded with new Raid 1s WITHOUT data loss? This is a long term (years and years to come) decision because I will never have a second system with enough disk space to backup this NAS and redo the RAID.
    RAID 10 would have the advantage of one overall volume (= 1 huge single Media-folder) instead of one volume per disk pair (= several media folders, 1 per disk)
    But then again ... that would be a RAID which I originally didn't want.

    Thanks for your help and best regards

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