Fehlende Laufwerke entfernen da nicht mehr verfügbar / How to delete obsolete FS

  • Hallo, wie kann mann unter Datenspeicher --> Dateisysteme eine nicht mehr verfügbares Dateisystem entfernen?

    How to delete obselete Filesystems from the webgui if not available anymore?

    Danke snake(nightcrawler)

    Regards snake

  • Hallo Nightcrawler,

    Du mußt schauen ob der zu löschen Datenspeicher auf irgendeine Weise für funktionen noch eingebunden ist.
    Ist dies nicht mehr der Fall, kann Du den Datenspeicher entfernen.

    Schöne Grüße

  • Hi there, i still have an obsolete FS under Storage-->Filesystems. It is a degraded raid which is not existent anymore. The new one is already created and in use. How to delete the obsolete from the gui. I see there under all column only "n/a" and i'm not able to delete entry.


  • Is the filesystem still referenced in the Referenced column?

    omv 5.6.18 usul | 64 bit | 5.11 proxmox kernel | omvextrasorg 5.6.3 | kvm plugin 5.1.7
    omv-extras.org plugins source code and issue tracker - github

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  • Please could you share how you marked the FS as obsolete so that others (i.e. I) can attempt to do the same thing to solve the same problem? Thx!

    In my case, I created a FS on a raid and never referenced it. It's not in use but I can't seem to remove it so that I can use LVM on the array.

  • oh man, what i do to delete the obsolete one... i think, do not really remember, i delete the folder where it was placed/mounted and after that i was able to mark these one and delete it by the webgui....

  • I ended up shrinking the FS to as small a size as I could, then dd'ing /dev/zero over top of the whole FS. After that, of course, nothing could figure out that there was a file system there, and I was able to use the raid again! I never could get the webGUI to delete it. I filed a bug report.

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