Verabschiedung von XPEnology

  • Hallo Enra,

    warum hast Du dich von XPENology verabschiedet?

    Owncloud 8 and MySQL: alternative approach

    From Post#1:

    I installed OC this way since my "xpenology-days". So I am not able to give a professional opinion on the OMV-plugin. I see, you are still interested in OC. What prevents you from testing these ways in a VirtualBox?It is better to make your own experiences and check whether it fits for you!

    Hallo Enra,

    warum hast Du dich von XPEnology abgewandt?
    Für XPEnology gibt es auch ein OwnCloud Plugin.Was war der Hauptgrund?

    Schöne Grüße


  • Hi,

    for me there were two main reasons.
    First I must admit that DSM is a great software that nearly runs out-of-the-box.

    But for me it was a little bit too closed; it is not based on a standard linux distri.
    Therefore you often run into problems when trying to install other packages not maintained bei synology or the community.
    For example when trying to install virtualbox which I really need. Don't think that works allready in DSM.

    Other point was, beside legal issues, that all updates depend on succesfull hacks of the original DSM-SW.
    And updates are absolutely necessary when running a productive system.
    So I doubt whether it has LTS. Especially when Synology starts to avoid this seriously.


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