New Build in the Works

  • OK, after months of dragging my feet on a new build for my OMV box, I have been forced into the situation due to a drive failure on my existing box. Not having OMV the last 2 weeks has been painful, even my wife was asking why she couldn't watch her stuff. Leave it to her to want to watch something that is not On-Demand, or on Netflix or hulu, or amazon or..., apparently it only existed on my server???

    Anyway, I had been slowly collecting parts for a new machine and I ordered the remainder of the stuff earlier this week, and it all should be here today or tomorrow. Here is what I'm planning:
    BTW, this list was the result of lots of reading of these forums and others, some of it may be outdated, but at least the a parts were affordable.

    CPU AMD|KA8 7600 3.1G 4M FM2+ 65W
    MEM 4Gx2|G.SKILL DDR1600
    MyDigitalSSD SC2 Super Cache 2 50mm SATA III 6G mSATA SSD Solid State Drive (to swap out wifi card as system disk)
    Cooler Master Elite 120 Case
    WD Red HDDs

    I guess my main question is.... what would be the best version of OMV to install and what tweaks should I make?
    Its main function is music and video streaming and storage. However, after the last failure, i plan on a raid setup, for at least a little more security. I used LVM previously so i could add storage, but not raid.

    I fully expect to run : SABNZBd, SickBeard, Plex, and need to be able to access music from various devices, although I haven't chosen a particular method for this yet.... maybe Plex maybe something else.

    Anyway, I'm rambling, this is a great product and forum, and insight will be greatly appreciated.


  • Forgot to mention power supply is Cooler Master G550M

    Also since OMV 2.0.x is still in beta, 1.19 may be a better choice for me, but am I giving up anything by not moving to 2.0 now?

    Thanks again

  • I will have pictures soon. I haven't been able to get started yet, I'm too busy with Little League.

    One thing I have been playing with at work, is the damaged drive from my old system, Its a 2TB Seagate drive with some bad sectors apparently. i pulled the drive and hooked it up to my ubuntu machine and tries testdisk and photorec but to no avail. I don't know much about data recovery. I shoud probably start a new thread for this problem.

    Ill have pics and build notes soon for the replacement box

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