HOWTO: APC UPS Network (Via Ethernet)

  • Short Howto for connecting to a APC UPS via Ethernet

    There was a old post from volker somewhere afair which helped me to setup this on my other machine. Did a search and found lots of unanswered threads regarding this matter. Hope it helps ;)

    1. install driver

    apt-get install nut-snmp

    2. edit ups settings

    Driver configuration directives:

    driver = snmp-ups
    port =
    community = public
    snmp_version = v1
    pollfreq = 15
    desc = "APC SmartUps 1500"

    replace the number for port with the ip address of your ups



    HP N54L, 6GB, 5disc Raid5, SSD Boot with OMV 5
    HP N54L, 16GB, 4disc ZFS pool, SSD Boot with other NAS system

  • Hi Tom,

    I have a CyberPower UPS, but it keeps intermittently lose connection.
    I tried different usb ports too.

    Where is the UPS driver config located at?

    OMV v5.0
    Asus Z97-A/3.1; i3-4370
    32GB RAM Corsair Vengeance Pro

  • This does not work at all even on version OMV 2.2.13.

    I have tried all alteration possible in Nut config files and it refuses to connect to the driver snmp-ups. Besides, whatever the changes made directly into nut config files using ssh, they are overridden when using omv user interface, all settings are reverted to the one by default as soon as save is hit whichever setting is changed.

    My config is as follow:

    - 1 synology DS1515+ with a Cyberpower UPS connected to it via USB and Nut server set to ON with appropriate permissions for the remote hosts

    - 1 Linkstation WVL762 with network sync to the Synology nut server ( worked straight away and there is only one setting in the LS-WVL: ip address of remote host)
    - 1 OMV server used for different purposes and requiring to connect to the Synology nut server for power protection

    What I would like to achieve is to connect that OMV server to the UPS via snmp in a simple way.

    Whatever my trials, I never managed to connect any other servers to the OMV nut server. Whereas, the linkstation connected straight away to the synology with no assle. I simulated a power outage and the Synology AND the linkstation got the right behaviour.

    Could anyone at OMV work on such module?

  • Is there any apcupsd plugin for OMV?

    I finally managed to get it kind of working. It actually works but the plugin cannot see the UPS connected and the stat charts does not work anymore but the system would shut down gracefully...

    I found this gem: and doing all the settings explained via ssh works. I wish, I could have done this using the WEB UI and more importandly, I would like to see the charts again.

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