EXT4 Data Corruption Bug?

  • Is this something we need to worry about for OMV 1.x and 2.x?

    The Article states it's caused by the 4.0 Kernel, so no. For the time beeing you can't be affected by it. But we should keep an eye on it when we move to jessie and start using the backports kernel - when jessie has the 4.0 kernel as backports then.

    This problem seems to be very limited. Never the less I will contact @votdev to take a deeper look at the bug to find out wether or not this could affect you.


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  • I'm not sure that i am able to tell you what you want to hear. I'm not a kernel developer, so i can not say anything about this issue. What i read about it is that the scenario is limited to RAID0 w/o discard mount option, but that should be nothing new to you. You have to decide yourself if this bug is a problem for your installation.

  • I suppose the safe answer is to use XFS for now, which isn't a bad thing anyway. Just have to watch to see when there is a good fix for it and I am just going to avoid EXT4 for now.

    Thanks for looking in to it.

  • I've been using ext4 on a 12 tb raid 5 mdadm array for years without issues.

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  • I have not had any issues with EXT4 either, yet (EXT4 in 5 x 2TB in RAID 5). Just another point on the side of changing to XFS for future builds especially if someone wants to do a RAID 0 build for speed.

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