Greyhole / Backup to external USB HDD doesnt work (uses physical drive, not SMB share)

  • Hi

    Set up:
    Working OMV (1.19) with Greyhole, all working, OMV shares show correctly on my iMac.

    All fine , thx for OMV :)

    Now the issue:

    I am backing up to USB with the backup plug in.
    Issue: The USB backup tool seems to access the physical device rather than the share, thus if the files are not on the specific HDD, the backup doesnt work.

    To illustrate:

    I started backup for a folder "movies"
    the folder contains all files, when access as SMB/CIF
    However, the backup tool starts, showing:

    Please wait, syncing </media/XXXX1ae-ecfd-XXXX-XXXX-XXXcb24cdXXX/movies/> to </media/XXXX637a-b30c-XXXX-XXXX-XXX28658XXX/movies> ...

    Second one is the USB drive (.....637a), but ....1ae is ONE drive of the GreyHole Pool.

    However, that drive in the pool doesnt contain the files for "movie", so backup doesnt work.

    Any idea how to have the backup tool access the share, not the physical drive?

    THX in advance!


    OMV: 4.1.19-1
    HW: Athlon 200GE / Gigabyte Aorus M (B450) / 16 GB RAM
    Boot Drive: Kingston 240GB nVME
    Data Drives: 3 HDD

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