way to prevent specific files from being created?

  • Hi

    Was thinking about the cryptolocker virus and was wondering if there was a way to prevent specific files from being created under Open Media Vault?

    I know you can under Windows but can't remember where..

    I know that cryptolocker might not be an issue under linux(?) but since both my wife and myself use windows pcs and only my nas is linux it'd be good to protect our data in the best possible way..

  • The solution is most effective when applied closest to the source of the problem. Yeah, the idea of restricting some files is interesting, however it would be more effective to:
    1) use separate user accounts on your Windows PC
    2) not use accounts with admin privileges
    3) use a passive defense against malware spreading URLs by using OpenDNS IPs instead of your ISP's DNS
    4) use an active defense with a decent antivirus (comparison charts and tests here http://www.av-comparatives.org/ )
    5) disable autorun on all drives in Windows
    6) limit write permissions at user level for shared drives on the NAS.

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