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    Is that something that you could add in OMV (5 or 6) ?

    It's not trivial; otherwise the UI would already support custom rules. IMO the UI is good for what it is intended for; a simple UI for simple rules. Special purposes can be implemented manually by the user via custom workflows that are supported by Debian.

    But it's free to the community to contribute this feature to the project.

    As you may have realized the new UI is named Workbench as tribute to the best home computer ever: Amiga

    And the Amiga Workbench has this mouse cursor while loading. So please see it as it is, a tribute and nostalgic remembrance.

    The problem will be fixed in the next release of the mergerfs plugin, see…lt-mergerfsfolders/pull/8.

    Maybe there is an alternative (i.e. REST service) to query/trigger apt?

    The UI already uses something equivalent; RPC, known long before REST becomes popular. But i don't think this is something for common users.

    However you twist and turn it and build a better API, finally this would not bring any benefit because a REST or RPC endpoint will simply call the usual APT commands which results into the same output and behaviour.

    Clearing the browser cache should fix that. You could also reload the page multiple times to fix that.

    One question, do you have installed plugins that have entries in the 'Storage' menu?

    You can do that, but i can tell you that i will not implement that because this is 'shoot sparrows with cannons'. Parsing the command output to create helpful error messages is not what OMV is going to do.

    votdev , I seem to remember many questions about this specific error.

    Would it be feasible to catch this error and output a "user friendly" message?
    Most newbies are confused by the part after "OMV\ExecException: Failed to execute command "

    Leaving aside the fact that such an test operation is not atomic and the database could be locked 1ms later, i will see what i can do.