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    As we have to migrate the existing wiki as soon as possible to do not loose the existing content i have set up a Dokuwiki installation for testing. I am no expert in Wiki solutions, but Dokuwiki seems to me more userfriendly than Mediawiki. Any thoughts or suggestions about this? Please notethat the software must be based on PHP.

    A comparison can be found here.

    What about the following:

    ls -alh /tmp

    If there is a *.fail file (i think it should be named like ( please post the content.

    If there is nothing like this you can reboot the system because there is no mkfs command running which implies that the formating process has been finished.

    Please open a new bug report at if the following test fixes your problem.

    Go to /etc/apache2/openmediavault-webgui.d/default.conf and add the following line. You may try various values for the timeout, e.g. 60 seconds or more.

    FcgidIOTimeout 60


    Do not copy the code above, simply append the FcgidIOTimeout line at the given position. After that execute the command

    monit restart apache2

    Forked-daapd does not support a webgui as far as i know. The username/password is only to protect the content delivered by the service (if you activate it Rythmbox is showing a login dialog for example).

    Sieht so aus als ob der RAID-Controller einfach nicht von OMV unterstützt wird. Das ist dann der Fall wenn die Platten nicht dem Muster /dev/sdX entsprechen. Für einen RAID-Controller wurde das schon gefixt (keine Ahnung welcher das war), aber die Device Files sehen folgendermaßen aus: /dev/cciss/cXdX. Wahrscheinlich muss einfach das Backend für den entsprechenden RAID-Controller angepasst werden.

    Wenn Du mehr Infos zu dem Controller hast dan öffne doch im Bugtracker einen neuen Feature-Request. Entwicklungsangelegenheiten können nicht im Forum betreut werden, da fehlt irgendwann der Überblick.

    I did not missed it, i currently do not know how to proceed. The current situation shows that using a wiki might be a big data grave. Exporting the wiki content into a different format does not work, e.g. using the content for a book, pdf or online help which requires the content in HTML. An alternative would be asciidoc or something else. Maybe someone else has a good idea.
    Finally, changing the wiki software or an alternative content system will cause the total lost of the current content which is also no good situation.

    Quote from "net"

    i understand your meaning. let me put it in this way, is it possible to show corresponding home folder when different users log in and show the shared folders at the same time?

    Maybe i did not understand your question correctly, but if you login via FTP as user 'testx' the homedir of 'testx' and all shared folders will be displayed.