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    I've no idea where has created the /etc/monit/conf.d/ file, but this is not done by OMV. Delete all files with the ending .save and you should be fine.

    # rm /etc/monit/conf.d/*

    Before deleting, please post the content of the file by running

    # cat /etc/monit/conf.d/

    Please see RE: Error when applying config changes

    understand the current and the delivery of it, electrically they should be fine, nothing has changed from the hardware perspective. Only the update from one version of OVM to the latest, since then they drop off.

    The latest two versions only do changesto the WebUI, so there is absolutely no relation to your issues. Maybe a new kernel is installed which causes the issue, but this is out of control of the OMV project because they come from the Debian or Raspi package repositories.

    Question votdev. The following code returns nothing - hence my assumption is this env variable is not set.


    That is correct because the variable is currently not set. This check is done at runtime and then the hard coded default value is used.

    If I want to set this variable to say 97% then is this the correct syntax? Does this apply to ALL mounted disks?


    Yes for OMV5. In OMV6 the UI setting is per file system.

    If all the plugins that you are using are ported to OMV6, then why not using it? IMO OMV6 is in a good shape and very stable.

    1. No, only MDI icons are supported

    2. Please open a feature request at. Feature requests are not tracked in the forum because tracking such issues on GitHub is much better.

    3. Please open a bug report. Bugs are not tracked in the forum.