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    The other night I started getting OCD on if my OMV install was ok on SSD formated ext4. I have a intel 250 ssd partitioned 20gb for the OS and the rest is "Appdata". Appdata is running my Plex database, nginx, MySQL, Docker files and VMDisks (one WHS2011 install just to run nightly backups of PCs and BlueIris). I couldnt see where OMV or Debian enabled a "fstrim -v / and fstrim-v /media/Appdata" so I created a cron job for it in the WebUI. Is that something everyone should do when they install to a ssd or is somehow enabled and I am to dumb to figure out where it is?

    BTW I also installed the flashmemoryplugin too back at install

    Yea in Feb my WHS2011 box finally took a shit so I went all out with xeon, ecc ram, ipmi motherboard, and dual LSI 9211's.......and linux! Been eyeballing linux for some time and took the plunge. Its alot easier to administer than Windows in my opinion because I can do everything through ssh and my phone. I use a 250gb intel ssd partitioned for only 20gb for the OS and the rest of it is "Appdata" (Plex, MySQL,nginx,Docker, VMDisks) and I rsnapshot that everynight to a share folder named "Backup" that then backups to crashplan cloud and my buddys house through crashplan "phone a shit fried plugin" so to me thats the easiest to make it automated.

    Sorry @tekkb just seen your replys. I never upgraded again after downgrading to 9.16.6 because it also breaks my HDHomerun Live tv plugin. The author of the plugin is looking into it but no solution yet. I am just holding back. Always have to tell myself "if it aint broke, dont upgrade" but then my OCD kicks in and tells me to clear the upgrade list. That's a everyday internal battle for me. Also @frozen1900 I cant just bite my tongue on this one but if you type something like "apt-get purge plexmediaserver" dont you think it might PURGE all shit to do with PLEX. Common sense....... I have never touched linux until about Feb 2016 and even if tekkb or aaron tell me what to type I still GOOGLE a little to understand what they told me to type. Also you can go into server settings and tell it to backup the database to a shared folder as long as plex:plex have have write permissions or chmod 777. Or you could use rsnapshot to back up the plexmediaserver folder to a shared folder. I do both in case I fuck up. Also every month I clonezilla the whole os drive just in case..... I suggest everyone do practices like this, especially if you are a noob to linux. People in today's world want to blame everybody else when something dont go their way, not just in free OS's like openmediavault but in everyday occurrences too.

    I rode from Atlanta to Savannah today and used the new 1.0 Plex server today and it was constantly dropping out and saying connection lost to server. SSH'd in and downgraded the plex server back to 9.16.6 and my problems went away. I am not going to upgrade again till things smooth out with plex.

    Hey @tekkb I just wanted to login and say thanks for making a script to move the codecs. I came across this a couple of days ago and gave up (seen something about locale settings and scared me when i ran dpkg-reconfigure locale) and came back and seen that it was a execution problem on mounted media drives. Glad I didn't proceed with the locale bs. Plex devs are probably going to leave it like that too? Learn something new everyday!

    Yea i have vmtools installed and when I remember to shut it down before i shut the host down I usually do but i always forget. Sorry I didnt know it was a long time problem. But why is it that I can do a "service vboxinit stop" and it works fine? Is that not what debian does on shutdown? Not trying to be a smartass, as i am just curious.

    Thank you buddy! I went from having 214 emails to 0 on reboot of my nas. It literally made it boot faster! Just for clarification does the omv-extras plugins (ie. Flash Memory) update through the update manager on the WEBUI or do you have to do it manually somewhere else? That may be a stupid question it just cant remember seeing any updates come through in the WEBUI for plugins.

    Whenever I reboot openmediavault-virtualbox is not suspending the VMs correctly. I have a headless omv nas which has IPMI on it and I have dialed into it while I reboot and watch the shutdown process and it says "Stopping the Virtualbox Kernel modules....failed! (cannot unload module vboxdrv)". I have tried to change the init script to shutdown instead of suspend and it does the same thing. I am newer to linux and dont know how to trace it down any further. I am only running a single VM, WHS2011 because I need blueiris for my webcam DVR. OMV is 2.2.3 and VBOX plugin is 1.3. Thanks in advance! BTW I do have backports kernel installed 3.16 and I did use the button to fix for the backports kernel and it seemed to go ok when I did it with no failure messages.

    Yes I have the flash memory plugin installed. Never would have tied the two together!? And before I royally screw up, I am not totally up to snuff on linux as of yet. Here are some questions....
    1. I can stop the service with "service postfix stop" I understand that
    2. When I went to uninstall postfix with "apt-get --purge remove postfix" and it was about to uninstall alot of my other plugins like sabnzbd, docker-gui, nginx, and etc and I chickened out and aborted. What is the correct way to uninstall it?
    3. Is the directory "/var/spool/postfix" the one I delete?
    4. If I uninstall postfix is reinstalling just as easy as "apt-get install postfix"?

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    I am a newcomer to openmediavault after coming from WHS 2011 and have found most of my answers for my problems from just reading the forums. I recently installed fail2ban 1.1.4 plugin and everytime I reboot I get about 120-130 emails saying jails started and stopped. All I have enabled is nginx-404, owncloud, ssh, and ssh-ddos. I have went into /etc/fail2ban/action.d and commented out the actionstart and actionstop in all the conf files in there. I even uninstalled and purged the fail2ban plugin with apt-get --purge and manually by tracing down the folders and I still get the emails. Can anyone point me in the general direction on how to make fail2ban only send emails on banned ips and not on start and stop of the jails. Thanks in advance! OMV version is 2.2.3 BTW