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    use only one disk to boot and to use for data is only for advanced users that know what are doing.

    easy way is to use 1 disk for boot and "n" disk for data

    Of course your boot disk can be an old IDE or SATA Disk with only a few MB, you can also use USB…

    Thanks for your response.
    now my question is, i can us an usb key with 8gb to install omv os?
    so i have after the os on usb key and the 4 hdd only for storage.....
    other question is, the aspire easystore h340 have on motherboard an smi usb flash integratet, but have only 254,00mb, is to small for install omv os?


    I've decided to give OMV a try with a 320 GB disk for system which was the only disk available but didn't want to waste so much space for a ~2GB installation. Have done a lot of digging and testing and finally came up with a way of using the system disk…

    can you please explain step by step.
    my omv is installed in easystore h340 with 4 1 terrabytes hdd.
    in the first hdd is the os, i like split the hdd, in various partion, 1 for os, 1 for swap, and te remain to use with the others 3 hdd, like one big raid mount but i cant understanding how can do it