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    ok, I have it,
    I have worked server on banana pi + with jmb321 + 3x 1tb hdd 2,5HDD

    some information, maybe fotos after few hours or days,

    If anyone want image, or complete detailed instructions for build it, write here...

    sry for my bad english :-)

    ok, I have it, thx for nothink...but, I learning basic of linux....but 5 minute long operation in linux I need find and learn very very very long time without help...If you don´t know what you finding, this is a long and difficult...

    @cyryllo please, can you help me?
    I have BPI M1 and JMB321 + 2 HDD
    I download image 2.2 for BPI PRO and commented "ap6210" in etc/modules
    but it still not working, system see only one hdd. If starting, write some about "Serial number of hdd mitchmach and writes the numbers of both hdd...
    In omv i can see only one hdd.
    can you help or compilate image for BPI M1 with support for JMB321?
    thank you verry much...

    Ok, no helper, I had to find a solution alone.
    1/ Install Raspbian on my Orange Pi One
    2/ plug SDcard in card reader to OrangePi
    3/ edit "modules" in root console in nano editor (some problems with it for me-linux noob, but successfully)

    mission continues, I still haven´t functional multiplier... :-(

    Like this

    Hi, I have many months OMV 2.1 on my Banana PI M1 with SATA HDD like ma home NAS. Super. I run on it Transmission without problem. but...
    If I instaled clean image OMV 2.2.1 from, NAS run okay, but if I want install plugin Transmission, the installer displays error.
    I tested it on 2 different BannanaPi, with 3 different SD card (8GB class10) and with many installations.

    some solution?

    Thx for any help....

    I am in trap :-D

    I found info from Cyryllo, where he write:

    "download image for banana pi/pro BanaNAS PRO 1.0 for JMB321 and JMB390 from
    password for ssh and web is bananas
    If you use banana Pi only remove or comment line ap6210 from /etc/modules "

    Okey, I´m not kid, I found how can I edit some file in linux and now... I am expert :-D I know how edit file :-D but.... little problem
    I can´t boot BPI with this image, and I can´t edit that file.

    My question:
    How can I edit that file, if I have only Banana Pi and PC with Windows 8.1 or Win 7 ? (haven´t any PC with linux)

    Thx for any help

    Hi Cyryl, I very thank you for SimpleNas project. For me (total linux analfabet) is it one way how to create NAS with banana pi. I have it about 1 year without biger problem. And now I want upgrade it with sata multiplier and 3x 1tb hdd in RAID (maybe without RAID).

    Can you make image for Banana Pi M1 with support sata multiplier?
    I am totaly lost in all linux tutorials how can rebuild image etc.

    Thank you

    thank you for your reply, I am litle bit lost in there site, but I download image "...PMP.Jessie.4.1.6." and I will be continued after one week, I must now flight for one week out of home and I must wait for multiplier.

    Thak you one more...


    I have little experience with OMV and banana Pi.
    My "simple NAS" worked around 3/4 year relative stable.
    Build on Banana Pi-M1+ 1TB 2,5 HDD, OMV 2.1

    And now, I want upgrade it for RAID5 with 3x1TB
    I want build it with Banana Pi M1 + SATA multiplier + 3x 1tb 2,5 SATA HDD

    I haven´t some experiences with linux, codes, and any others other linux.
    I know codes about programing arduino, but I think it is not what I can use here...

    I will recevied multiplier maybe after week, I can´t test now, but I have wef questions and requests:

    1/ Can I download stable and completed image OMV for Banana Pi M1 with support for my multiplier?
    2/ If I cant download it, please, have it anyone? Can you share it for me?
    3/ If haven´t anyone it, can anyone make it for me or write me how can I make it?

    Thank very much everyone
    and I´m sorry for my bad english....