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    indeed i have to rethink docker. got Home Assistant to work. impressiv thing thou. I guess, i switcht to 6 rather sooner than later. i like those features.

    now i just have to go back to a hardware machine to test out the kvm thing and I'm done and ready to jump the 6 train when its leaving the beta station.

    okay, i got the omv4 host and the virtualized omv6 host back and tried to download the image before creating the VM.

    that did throw a tamper tantrum in portainer, but i was to slow to catch the error in a screnn shot, so I thought i do it again. on second try it did what it should do and the image showed up. what ever.

    then i got the docker container online... funny thing

    edit: and successfully started the FHEM container and promoted it. i have to ask my self maybe docker isnt that bad at all?

    I just crashed my OMV4 the first time in years, by loading a docker container via portainer in the virtualboxed OMV6 *g*

    I get a ping, but nothing else, no ssh, no access to any of the vms, no files no notihng. going to be a hard reset in the wee hours of backup time. Well that su*ks

    Lucky me, that box has iLo, dont need to go there for a hardware reset *g*

    I guess i go back to my stand alone proliant

    I tried for testing purposes, to run OMV 6 in a VM (virtualbox on my OMV4) and then add KVM, but it seams that results in numerous errors when creating a VM, no matter the selected structure. Is the VM in a VM thing the issue or did I botch sometting in the installation / setup?



    rest is empty.

    On submitting the VM creation I get this

    I have an github account but have no right to edit the file. Here is the translation for German

    I know that help issue from where i do voluntary work.... :-) sad.

    I cant port, but I could help in how to enhance the user experience, as I don't use anything aside vom symlinks and kvm and I got tonns of stuff for KVM as suggestions, and Im not jet there with a running VM.

    In my experience with users and from my own struggles, I know that in most man pages just the basic stuff is missing, so you would need to have some basic knowledge to understand the man page, but most users dont have that. so add the basics, and the user is okay to struggle on. but deny the user the basics, and he gets frustrated. as all the help pages miss the same very basic stuff so he reads stupid forum threads and does not understand a single thing.

    There are folks, you can see them on youtube on a regular base, that will drive a car on a rim on the highway, oblivious to the fact of the missing tire and that they started out probably with a fine car but got a nail in and then did run it down to bar metal. Well those guys you cant help. Not everybody is up for the task. But even highly skilled and trained pilots land with gear up while having a blaring gear warning on their headphones. It just happens. So sometimes a small hint safes days or hours of struggle, and thats the user experience.


    source; where the data really is

    destination; where it should show up

    and btw. its partly translated to German at least.

    I know translations s**k, I try since years to fix a translation for a Chinese ip cam manufacturer, they wont give out the map what field on their translation table goes to where, so I have to try and enter some thing, and then see where it changed in the web ui. its a real PITA, but this here just got me some idea, I just will have them number each field instead of putting my translation in and then I could cross reference the web ui and the translations table and get a usable translation done. thanks

    Indeed, your right, I have the very same problem explaining stuff to other guys, eg. why one should have such a hint :-) for me its obvious that there is missing something that would help a noob user. But I cant seam to explain that without getting the coding folks pissed off.

    as you asked for, I actually did recommend a "suggestiv text" and also that a link to the "man page" would be nice, if one exists at all, but probably with the hint, there is no need for the man page.

    Probably I messed it up by burring the suggestions somewhere in my text.

    sorry I have to go look at my symlink tab again or I get it mixed up again... can't seam to remember such stuff, probably because I use it just once in a while.

    For source: " Hint: Where the data is located, that you want to link to. e.g. /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-xxxx/what-ever-the-share-name/ "

    For destination: "Hint: Where you want the data to show up, followed by "/name-it-should-have-there/" e.g. /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-xxxx/what-ever-the-destination/name-it-should-have-there/ "

    I would think this is enough detailing even for a noob, at least for me it is, and I cant remember where to put one or the other.

    The reason this is so confusing is, from a users view, the words for source and destination could just be used the other way round and still would make sense. Because as a user: where I want it is the source of the link, and it flows to the destination where the data is. Of course a administrator sees it from the other side of the mirror.

    your probably right, I dont recall mouse over on a tablet. so probably you should put the recommended hint-text in behind "source" and "destination" see picture.

    You probably will have to shorten my suggestion somehow.

    I gladly point such things out to you on omv-extras stuff, if you like. I am kind of a noob so I still see it from a user perspective as I have to explain a lot of the stuff to users. Depends if you like to get such stuff pointed out. I also would gladly put some recommendations in how to make suggestions to the user. Mostly it would be examples, as this usually explains how it should look, and most folks are able to modify an example to suit them.


    Manne be hyper efficient like SAP....

    best joke in the millennia, awesome. You just made my day.

    File an issue then with a suggestion how to make it better. I can't change that. All I can do is use the elements OMV presents to me for plugin use.

    thanks for clarification.

    I didn't intend to make you change anything, just wanted to clarify what I meant and what I kind of expected or rather was used to. Its not my place to tell anybody anything, I'm mainly grateful for the peace of software I am using. Just wanted to understand if its me who's doing something wrong or if this is intentional or just a beta thing or just a thing nobody did care about that much or notice at all to put more effort in the interface.

    Thanks anyway.

    I did not complain at all, and for sure I did not about the missing translation, I would not translate it at all, because I am quite fluent in English, I don't require any translations therefore, since its not in in Chinese or so. I just said I did made a judgment error on my side. by selecting my native language and ended with a mixed GUI and that's confusing, at least for me. But by no means I am the main user representation. There are lots of folks who need the translations, even if its only 3 words. However I agree that those 3 words likely do not require translation indeed.

    I take a wild guess, most folks have probably never read their manual for a car or a coffee maker. But most folks are not a car mechanic or a professional barrister right? So how comes all those folks can operate them more or less good enough to get what they want? Probably because its self explanatory or got some hints or symbols that help you out where its not. What I singularly hate most and only on my Daikin A/Cs is that I need to read that 380 pages of manual to understand what its blinking at me in a wired code in a time where displays are not a cost factor at all and the remote got a 3 inch screen but does not tell me the thing the wall unit wants to tell me, also its duplex IR communication. And that on a system I did spent 30.000 bucks on to populate my house with it. Just saying.

    So what I recommended was exactly that:

    You got a good mouseover for e.g. on the plus symbol. why not have a short hint on source and destination? I understood from Volker that the main reason for the GUI is to have "average" users be able to run OMV, (otherwise the professionals could use the debian distro and CLI and have their file storage done for, its faster and more custom anyway) what you just told me is that the GUI (that was made for DAUs) is for admins and devs only, every one else would need to read the man page every time one wants to use it, of course there is no link to the man page, so the average users need to first find that one, thats where most folks just unroll the middle finger and go some place else, and thats where the 2,33% of Linux market share in desktops does come from. Google fixed that with android. and that lead to a market share of 75%. Its what the famous Bill did with Windows back in the old days too.

    On a side note I remember Linus Torvalds just ranting on for a long time on a recent convention how Linux developers develop for Linux developers and administrators and not for users :-) and that thats one of the reasons nobody uses Linux based desktop systems; as in Windows 75%, Apple 15% Linux 2,33% (late of ende of 2021). If I recall it right, he got kicked off on the libraries mess in Linux and that this will change now due to games and graphics and how hes gona handle the stuff in the kernel in future. According to Linus either the distros adjust or they will more or less vanish, was his prediction. One of the lashing boys where the debian folks, btw. and he kind of pointed out that this debian thing was the reason why Ubuntu is so popular, as they dont go to the debian extremiteies.

    So long story short: better usability for folks who have no clue, makes the product available to more folks. I have had HPE, Dell, Synology, QNAP, FreeNAS, so basically I had em all, but I got stuck for years now with OMV, why? Because its good interface, its the very only reason (aside from being free and not collecting my data, but I would pay for OMV, and my companies did donate to the project and will so in future). So whats the matter to make it even better?

    This mouse over is two lines of code, it probably will never change aside from porting to a new code base. Unfortunately I am no coder otherwise I would just submit it.

    I seam to have it miss represented again :-(

    ryecoaaron Indeed if you set the ALC permissions, OMV is a data entry program, as you enter the permissions data. However its more or less the only place to do so in OMV.

    I recall Volker strongly encouraging to not administrate an OMV from the CLI but mostly through the WEB UI. Has this changed? I go back to CLI any time right away if the OMV dev team says so. But indeed I do like the GUI too.

    What I meant by a step back in the size of milenials:

    in alc on 4 we had a tree, separated user and system folders, all where displayed. Managing access was kind of easy and fast even with lots of users.

    in alc on 6 I feel its a mess. can't find anything, it displays 5 out of 112 sub entries for a newly created directory. I dont see where i am, cant select a page past 5 but got 23, but I cant see its 23, i first need to klick all right to get therer and then back, so I need to klick at the very least 15 times to get to page 14, or have to go to search, and know exactly what I want, or just go through each page and read the contend.

    Just to get to a sub folder, in 4 it was one click and a short distance just left to the tree, now its 5 to 10 depending, and i have to go up right, then all the way left, then down then all the way up right and then down back to the options, then safe and then apply uper right corner. Thats 1,5m mouse pointer movement, compared to 0,2m in OMV4

    Aside from that in 6 I have no clue as to where I am in the tree, well i could read, but its not visually presented like in 4 and whats more important, i dont see what exists beside that directory. Thats prone to give wrong permissions, forget a directory or just have the whole tree set at the same and thereby giving permissions out you dont want to.

    I don't really care what its framework is, thats a choice of the devs and coders and I do like the new 6 interface, but in places its like you have to go around your elbow to get to where ever. Like if you want to go from Newark to DC and instead of jumping the Greyhound you take a detour via LA Airport, but rather its more like taking a detour via the Antarktika, for there are only a bunch of flights a year or so. And therefore you just dont get to where you want to be, in case of the ALC your handing out privileges for folks you dont want to have access. A pretty big problem if the error on the access rights grants random employees access to Human Resources documents... (or for folks who dont have a HR department on the OMV server: your kids/wife to your po*n directory LoL )