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    as @wolffstarr said, most cli command just works which include creating, deleting dataset, and changing properties
    except changing mountpoint, and dataset name, these are only allowed in gui
    if you change these in cli, you have to edit /etc/openmediavault/config.xml file manually
    Even in worst case, only break in omv, can be fixed with editing config.xml, no data loss, since omv-zfs is just gui wrapper,

    and I'm busy currently, so I can't contribute omv plugins now, but it doesn't mean I leave omv

    All reported bug is fixed in 3.1.5

    openmediavault-docker-gui (3.1.5) stable; urgency=low

    * Fix docker image path
    * Fix getDockerRepo

    -- OpenMediaVault Plugin Developers <> Thu, 02 Mar 2017 20:29:38 +0900

    anyone expereince `filesystem... ` error
    try `rm /var/lib/openmediavault/fstab_tasks.json`

    @ryecoaaron will upload soon

    Additional note : I'll be busy for the next 6 months (maybe 1 year), I cannot patch anymore
    maybe other developer help

    I didn't know that it was emby plugin

    I tried backup plugin, I cannot make backup at all
    don't know why, can't find source for this plugin
    don't know why 1000:1000 worked in yourcase (was it previous APP_UID APP_GID?, if so try recreating docker container not modifying)

    my suggestion to use network location

    confirmed, I will fix it
    this problem occur when you change docker base path
    current workaround is
    setting it none and `rm /var/lib/openmediavault/fstab_tasks.json`

    what is the name of "Server Configuration Backup" plugin ?
    and what docker container name and repo exactly you used?

    openmediavault-zfs (3.0.9) stable; urgency=low
      * Fix state field
      * Add tab for snapshots
     -- OpenMediaVault Plugin Developers <>  Sat, 18 Feb 2017 23:01:29 +0900

    Fix state field and Initial support for snapshot tab

    Known bug
    1. snapshot tab paging doesn't works well you should have to click refresh before using (it seems like omv bug, I reported)

    From what I can see, the "STATE" field isn't actually doing anything, and the "OK" in the Status field is apparently for the default dataset for a given zpool.

    Confirmed I didn't notice that. state field actually showing nothing, it should display pool healty (ONLINE or OFFLINE), will be fixed in next version
    but I think status field works well. if it shows OK, it means there is no error in zpool

    In my opinion, the plugin really should have at least two tabs, preferably three: One for zpools (and possibly VDEVs), one for Datasets, and one for Snapshots. It'd allow for a lot more controls and options because you wouldn't have to fit it all in on one tab.

    Agree, at least I'm planning to seperate snapshot view, too many snapshots or function in one main view makes me feel headache
    I will refer to freenas zfs implementation
    but I doubt view for zpools, In my thoughts, detail button is enough

    Contributing plugin at first look is difficult, but it isn't very hard.
    simple plugin, or simple bug fix is good start point. I also recommend to refer plugin development documentation and see changes between commits

    Modify doesn't work for me also, something goes wrong I think
    but error is different

    done, upgrade your package

    openmediavault-zfs (3.0.7) stable; urgency=low
      * Fix fstab mount problem
      * Remove autoShareNestedProperty, use crossmnt, nohide in nfs share options
      * Fix nfs share prevent zfs-mount.service from mounting when booting

    Fix fstab mount problem is
    something like a ...
    mount: can't find /openmediavault in /etc/fstab'

    By default, when you create nfs share for zfs,
    omv-zfs add crossmnt option to extrasoption, if you don't like this behavior, use nohide
    (and also remove zfs setting menu, since it is not needed anymore)

    *additional notes*
    thanks for both @subzero79 and @fumantsu who suggest workaround for zfs-mount.service issue (also thx to @raulfg3 for reporting bug and please close bug report if issue is solved)
    Although subzero79's workaround is best, but it require systemd upgrade, which is complicate, so I choose fumantsu's

    *additional notes2*
    I'm planning for adding auto snapshot feature for omv-zfs
    but I'm not sure which autosnapshot scripts is best in ZoL, any ideas? sharing your experience?
    also it is welcomed to request feature for omv-zfs here or github page (sorry but I cannot 100% guarantee feature is added since I will add common, and general feature)

    1. extend zfs volume size on luks
    as ryecoaaron noted, it can be done cryptosetup resize. (but only in cli, not gui)
    change text inside <> to appropriate value for your needs

    #resize zfs volume
    zfs set volsize=<40GB> <tank/files>
    #resize luks
    cryptosetup resize <zd0-crypt>
    #resize ext4
    resize2fs </dev/dm-0>

    it is by design that click lock button is disabled when luks is referenced (for example shared folder use luks)
    don't know why this is designed in such way
    (I think force lock feature is useful but I'm not 100% sure about that)

    so, to lock luk that is reference
    just reboot or

    luks close <zd0-crypto>

    it seems likely omv-luks bug
    since omv-luks plugin recently is ported, there might be bug (it doesn't mean luks is unstable, but plugin for luks is unstable)
    I will check and fix and let you know (it will takes time <~3days?)

    oh I finally understand what you got wrong!

    luks drive should be unlocked when you're using disk
    it doesn't mean hard drive is not encrypted

    when you unlocked, you will see decrypted device which -crypto is appended to
    decryption process is made on live
    if you access -crypto device it first copy data from original device which is encrypted
    and in memory, data is decrypted using passphrase you provide when you unlocked on live

    SUPPOSE, cops invade your home, you see cops and after that immediately shutdown your computer
    then your passphrase is removed since it was in memory. so cops have to input passphrase again
    SUPPOSE, you leave your laptop in coffee shop, but before leave you unlocked,
    then your passphrase is removed right now, and thief grab your laptop, but he don't know passphrase
    so he cannot get your data

    so you have to create filesystem on -crypto device
    not original filesystem

    and also it was your misunderstanding
    I think zfs filesystem works well with luks
    abandon idea using volume instead
    try zfs filesystem with luks